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What are Telstra public cloud platforms?

Public cloud platforms are computing services offered by Telstra and third-party providers over Telstra's secure IP network. They allow you to outsource many of your IT needs.

Public cloud platforms give you a great deal of flexibility. IT solutions can be created quickly while maintaining security and stability. And you can choose to pay for what you use.

Why public cloud with Telstra?

Telstra offers a range of leading public cloud platforms that can be tailored for your business.

Our team of experts will help you help you choose the right platform. Then they’ll guide you through the migration process and show you how to maximise the performance of your IT and your data.

Which public cloud provider should I choose?

Telstra Cloud Infrastructure

Telstra's virtual servers are secure, reliable and offer defined service-level agreements and 24/7 technical support. 

Amazon Web Services

Reliable, scaleable, and inexpensive cloud computing services, where you pay only for what you use.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's global cloud platform is purpose-built to fully integrate with existing Microsoft IT applications.



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