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Get down to business fast

Select the right Public Cloud for your business and control it with smart management tools.

Reliable compute when you need it

Need computing capacity that you can set up quickly and manage easily?

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

We offer a choice of high performance public cloud services from world-leading providers that are easy to set-up, scale and control. And we deliver them across our reliable, dynamic networks so they perform brilliantly.

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Public cloud explained

With Public Cloud services, compute and storage resources are provided from a data centre that can be located in Australia or overseas and accessed with your choice of connectivity.

Hardware (servers and storage) is either shared among multiple users or dedicated to your use. These can be accessed on demand and you’re charged only for the resources you use.

Cloud product catalogue

Find the right clouds for your business with our Cloud Service Product Catalogue. Filter your search through our vendor partner platforms or by the deployment method and workload solutions that your business requires.

Navigate to new opportunities and build your competitive advantage with the right mix of clouds and connectivity, all from one provider.

Case study

"By changing our approach to modelling, we didn't have to outlay significant funds on purchasing servers and we weren't left with servers that would quickly become redundant."

Fiona Smith, Executive General Manager, Sydney Catchment Authority

Rapidly access additional computing capacity that complements your existing IT. Satisfy simple to sophisticated technical requirements with virtual and physical servers provisioned in real-time. Choose what you want to control with granular self-service through to managed service options.

Telstra Cloud Infrastructure

Get access to shared or dedicated servers and storage on which you can set up and run your own VMs.

You can add backup and security options to suit your business needs.

Virtual server on shared compute offers the quickest way to get started with pre-defined Microsoft ® or Linux ® operating systems, with plans to suit businesses of all sizes.

Virtual Storage

Take control of your cloud. Centralised enterprise-grade storage lets you access and move your data, with optimised connectivity to multiple cloud platforms.

IBM Cloud

Move to a high performance cloud with dedicated bare metal or virtual servers, across local and globally networked data centres.

With enterprise grade security and flexibility, you can easily move your VMware Solutions workloads to the IBM Cloud.


Innovate and create new cloud-native apps and services with a software development platform that’s built for rapid and iterative test and development cycles.

Leverage next-generation IT that lets you design intelligent apps and services that automatically provision and scale.

Amazon Web Services

Empower your business with the world leading Amazon Web Service cloud platform through Telstra.

Microsoft Azure

Get the cloud on your terms with Azure, the global cloud platform that’s agile, scalable and purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with your existing Microsoft IT environment.

Data sovereignty

All Telstra’s public cloud services have facilities in Australia. You can keep your data within Australia, and when you’re ready to expand, our global footprint makes moving into new markets easy.


Public Cloud service providers design physical and virtual security to satisfy security-sensitive organisations. We and our providers invest heavily to protect our systems and your data.

Cost savings

You don’t have to outlay any capital and you pay only for the resources you use.


Speed of deployment

You can deploy resources within minutes, using a web portal.

Ease of management

Easily and quickly adjust processing power, storage, access rights and more via our management portal.


Solutions in action

Today's startups - born in the cloud

Many of today’s fastest growing and most successful companies were born in the cloud and continue to use public cloud services for all mission critical applications. As startups, scalability and OPEX-only costs made public cloud a compelling proposition, and it remains so.

Getting ready for a technology refresh?

Consider migrating your existing applications to our Public Cloud services:  economical, secure and high performance platforms.

Go from development to production, smoothly

Public cloud is a great development environment when you don’t want to dedicate resources until you know exactly what you’ll need. And when you’re ready to launch a production system, you’ll be ready to gain the benefits of cloud right away.

A unique combination of clouds, networks and expertise

World-class networks

A $1.5b state-of-the-art network
Telstra Cloud Services are served by our Next IP network, the $1.5b network that underpins our own operations. It delivers access to 1,400 points of presence in 230 countries and territories around the world and operates at 99.999% availability.

Full intergration with NextG network
When your staff or customers access your cloud applications over the NextG network, they get a connection that's managed end-to-end for optimal performance. If you're using a Telstra private network, that traffic never hits the public internet.

Partner with the best

Cisco Intercloud Services, SoftLayer and VMware vCloud Air, together with Telstra’s own Cloud Infrastructure offerings, provide a comprehensive set of options to cater for the cloud requirements of virtually any business.

Combine these with Telstra’s global networking resources, cloud management tools and expertise, and you’ve got a complete cloud offering

Central control management

Telstra's management consoles let you easily manage all your Telstra Cloud Services from one location. You can see all your workloads, on all your Cloud Services and see all your users, whichever service they are using. And you get one port of call for 24x7 support for all your cloud and Telstra networks.


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Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud solutions provide you with a choice of physical hardware and locations where you can deploy your hardware, allowing you to maintain total control.

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