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Telstra Managed Security Services

Telstra's Managed Security Services combine event data, analytics and discovery tools to create a real-time coordinated security solution.

Leveraging Security Operations Centres in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs, your security is managed 24/7 in Australia using local expertise.

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Security monitoring
This service collects event data from your premises, IoT and cloud infrastructure. Its 24/7 visibility and actionable reports give you a    deep understanding of your risks and clear strategies to mitigate them.


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Incident response
Telstra’s Computer Emergency Response Team responds quickly to incidents like unauthorised system access, data loss or theft, viruses, suspicious network activity and ransomware attacks.


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Fast and flexible with open source

Telstra Managed Security Services is based on Apache Metron, a high-performance security platform that can search
and analyse vast quantities of security event data.

Apache Metron uses open-source technology, which makes the platform flexible and responsive.

That means we can deploy the entire platform within 24 hours. And it allows us to work with you to tailor solutions to your needs.

The platform’s flexibility also means new features can regularly be added to meet the changing threat landscape.

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