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Deliver the experience
your viewers want

The digital revolution is creating opportunities, but also challenges for broadcasters and content owners. We can help you be at the forefront of this rapidly changing landscape.

Accelerate your professional media strategy

Traditional mass media has been disrupted by the explosion of digital media and devices. This disruption creates new challenges, and big opportunities.

Our solutions reduce the cost and complexity of delivering content across diverse channels, and enable more engaging audience experiences helping drive measurable business outcomes.

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How can you create a more compelling online experience?

Telstra has teamed up with Akamai and Ooyala to bring you the important tools you need to drive your business and brand online.

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Unlock the opportunity


If content is your business, we can help you get it to more screens and measure engagement to maximise return on investment.


Media Networks

Our purpose built digital media networks can transport volumes of high-quality content between sites, partners, and to your audience.


Telstra Broadcast Services

Customised solutions for the delivery, management and monitoring of media content.


Why we should be your partner of choice

No other Australian provider has the breadth of digital media solutions with the ability to combine media elements as needed.

We can:


Keep you ahead through technology and innovation

We've made significant investments in the technology, forged alliances with leaders in the digital media field, and continue to innovate to keep ahead of the changing digital landscape.


Set up a strong, integrated and far-reaching solution
Our core strength in cloud and networks can provide unmatched reach, reliability and scalability for your solution.


Support you across the full range of digital media solutions

  • Engage target audiences by delivering interactive and personalised content across the right digital channels.
  • Create revenue by monetising your service through advertising, subscription and pay-per-view. You can also use digital media to drive sales and customer loyalty through online and in-store media.
  • Manage digital assets by storing and coordinating your content to reduce the costs and complexity involved with a growing repository.
  • Streamline processes to make creation and delivery faster and easier, while promoting an uncompromised viewer experience.


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Telstra Professional Media

Drive reach and growth with innovative media solutions and global networks, delivered by Telstra Broadcast Services