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For new customers who stay connected for 24 months.

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nbn-ready plans

Connect to ADSL internet now and simply switch over to the nbn network when it's available.


Phone line and
AUS calls included

Our ADSL plans come with a phone line plus unlimited calls to standard Australian mobiles and landlines.


Telstra Smart Modem

All plans include a new Telstra Smart modem for new customers, so you’ll be ready when the nbn network arrives.


No lock-in contract

Enjoy month-to-month freedom on your ADSL plan. Just pay out your modem if you leave before 24 months

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Min costs apply when you stay connected to internet for 24 months, subject to plan price changes. Simply payout your modem if you leave within 24 months.

Delays to some order deliveries

Due to an issue with our delivery partner Toll and ongoing COVID-19 impacts, we’re experiencing delivery delays on some orders and some delays when transferring home phone services to or from another service provider. We apologise for the inconvenience.


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More about connecting to ADSL

Connect to the internet via Telstra's copper phone network

What is ADSL?

ADSL technology lets you connect to the internet via Telstra’s copper phone network. You can also run a phone on the same line. Check if you can get ADSL

Your ADSL internet speed

What ADSL speeds will I get?

ADSL broadband uses the existing copper line from the phone exchange in your suburb, to your home, so it’s generally slower than many nbn options. More about ADSL speeds

You can get ADSL if you have an active home phone line

Can I get ADSL?

To get ADSL broadband, you need to be in ADSL eligible areas, or already connected to Telstra's copper network. ADSL travels through a phone line, so if you've already got an active home phone line, you can get ADSL. If you aren't sure, check your address to see if you can get ADSL.

Connect the modem yourself with our installation guide


Can I connect the modem myself?

Yes! We’ll send you all the installation info you need to set up your modem. You can also check out our modem setup guide


Commonly asked questions


  • Cable connections use high-speed optical fibre and coaxial cable to deliver internet to your home.
  • ADSL uses the copper phone network to deliver internet, so it’s generally slower than cable. ADSL speeds also get slower the further you are from the phone exchange.

Check what type of internet connection is available at your address



ADSL connections are generally slower than many nbn connections. ADSL uses existing copper wire from the phone exchange to your home, while most nbn services use high-speed fibre optic cable at least as far as the exchange - and in some cases direct to your address.



ADSL2+ is an improved version of ADSL. It offers a faster connection than the original ADSL, although both versions use the same basic technology. ADSL 2+ also has improved range, so it stays faster over longer distances, and provides better noise reduction. We determine if your address can use ADSL 2+ once you’re connected, and if so, we upgrade you automatically.


Yes. You need a hardwired telephone line. If you don’t have a phone line we can install one for you, as long as the landline service is available at your address. You don’t need to have a home phone to get ADSL, just an active phone line. Check if you can get ADSL at your address



No. You don’t need to have a home phone with your ADSL, just an active phone line. You can choose to run just the internet through your phone line or use a splitter and also run a phone handset and answering machine.



Yes. The latest Telstra Smart modem is fully nbn-compatible, so it will work on your ADSL connection and on whichever nbn connection you switch over to later.




Here’s the thing. Your distance from the phone exchange is the single biggest factor affecting your ADSL speed, because the longer a signal has to travel along copper wire, the slower it gets. So while you can’t pick which exchange you’re connected to, you can try a few tricks round the house to help improve slow ADSL speeds:

  • Reset your modem
  • Move the modem away from appliances, wireless electronics, furniture & metal objects
  • Try using a shorter ethernet cable
  • Check for viruses or malware on your devices
  • Install a DSL filter to reduce interference
  • Use a Wi-Fi extender


nbn co sets the cut-off date at 18 months after the nbn has become available in your area. If you’re in an area that is moving to FTTP, FTTN or HFC nbn connections, you need to migrate to the nbn BEFORE that date. nbn co sends everyone plenty of advance notice, as do service providers such as Telstra.


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