This article explains how Telstra TV uses data and how this might use your internet plan’s data allowance.

Does a Telstra TV use the internet?

Yes, a Telstra TV uses your Telstra broadband connection (ADSL, Cable, Velocity and nbn™ services). 

Does a Telstra TV use any of my data?

Yes, watching content on your Telstra TV may use some of your home broadband data allowance.  Watching free to air channels on your Telstra TV does not use data.

Are there any apps on a Telstra TV that don’t count towards my data allowance?

Some apps, such as Telstra TV Box Office are marked ‘Unmetered’. These apps won’t use up any of your monthly data allowance if you watch them on a Telstra fixed home internet connection.  

Where can I see how much data I’ve used?

You can check your data usage:  

How much data does a Telstra TV use, on average?

Here’s a rough guide to how much data 2 hours of streaming TV or movies per day will use:



Video quality





 Typical data used   





Data used per day





Data used per month (30 days)





Typical Low definition





300MB per hour















Typical Standard definition





700MB per hour










42 GB





Typical HD





3GB per hour










180 GB





Typical Ultra HD





7GB per hour










420 GB



What if I go over my monthly Telstra home broadband data allowance?

If you go over your monthly home broadband data allowance on a Telstra home broadband service, your internet will slow down until the end of your billing month.   

Can I get more data on my Telstra home broadband service?

You can request for a Home Broadband Three for Free Data Top-Up. You can request these top ups up to three times each year.

Or you can change plans.





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