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What if I can’t see my activation code?

If you can’t see your activation code:      

  1. Unplug your Telstra TV
  2. Wait 30 seconds then plug it in again. This will reboot the Telstra TV and restart activation.
  3. Follow the Guided Setup

If you still can’t see your activation code, give us a call on 13 22 00 and say ‘Telstra TV’

I’m having problems pairing my Telstra TV app with my Telstra TV device

If you’re having problems pairing your Telstra TV to your Telstra TV app, try the following troubleshooting solutions:

  • Check your Telstra TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device. This will ensure your Telstra TV app can find and pair with your Telstra TV device.
  • If you still can’t get your device to pair with your Telstra TV app, make sure that you have the latest version of software for both your Telstra TV and Telstra TV app:
  1. To check your software is up-to-date in your Telstra TV device go to Settings in your menu and select About. This will display the latest version of your software.
  2. To check your software version on your Telstra TV app, go to Settings and you will see the version number displayed on the bottom right hand corner.
  3. Finally, check that your Telstra TV device is in your Telstra TV app list. To check, select My List from the menu.

If you find you’re still having pairing issues, give us a call on 13 22 00 and say ‘Telstra TV’

How to disable External Control Protocol (ECP)?

To disable External Control Protocol on your Telstra TV follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve got Telstra TV switched on
  2. Select Settings from the menu
  3. Choose System followed by Advanced System Settings
  4. Select Device Connect
  5. Select External Control than Disabled and you’re done

What should I do if I get the error message ‘Your Telstra TV is disabled’?

Hold the Reset button on the bottom of your Telstra TV for 20 seconds to perform a factory reset. Then try to activate your device again.

Still getting the error message? Give us a call on 13 22 00 and say ‘Telstra TV’

Can I change the screen resolution setting on my Telstra TV?

Yes. Your Telstra TV will recommend a screen resolution during set up but you can manually select another resolution if you’d like. Here’s how:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Display Type
  4. Choose the screen resolution you’d like

I’m missing some Free-to-Air channels, what do I do?

If you think you’re missing some Free-to-Air channels, or you’re seeing a Free-to-Air channel you shouldn’t be seeing you can do a manual frequency scan:

  1. Select Settings from the menu
  2. Choose Channel Scan
  3. Select Manual Scan and after the scan is completed you should be able to see your missing channels. If not, give us a call.

I’m not getting any programme information when I look at the TV Guide, what do I do?

Make sure you’re connected to the internet. If you don’t have an internet connection, the TV Guide will get information from the Free-to-Air broadcaster, so it will only give you program information for the Free-to-Air channels you are viewing.

To connect your Telstra TV to the internet:

Connect via Wi-Fi:

  1. Use your Telstra TV remote to select Wi-Fi connection
  2. Select your home Wi-Fi network from the list 
  3. Press OK on your Telstra TV remote control 
  4. Enter your Wi-Fi password, if required

Forgot your Wi-Fi password? 

  • ADSL, Cable, Mobile Broadband –  call 133 933 
  • nbn™ broadband  –  call 1800 834 273 and select option 4 
  • Velocity – call 1800 008 994

Good to know: The layout of your home may affect Wi-Fi performance. For tips on how to improve it, read our article on maximising Wi-Fi performance

Connect via Ethernet cable:

  1. Connect your Telstra TV to your modem with an Ethernet cable 
  2. Use your Telstra TV remote to select Wired (Ethernet) connection 
  3. Press OK on your Telstra TV remote control.

What’s an Ethernet cable?

An Ethernet cable is the type of cable that connects your modem to the wall socket. We don’t supply an Ethernet cable with your Telstra TV.

What if my Telstra TV says it’s not on a Telstra broadband network?

Some of the features of the Telstra TV are exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. If your Telstra TV isn’t connected to a Telstra broadband service you won’t be able to use features like the home screen, search and live TV.

Find out about our Telstra broadband plans.

Who do I contact about a problem with a subscription on my Telstra TV?

You’ll need to contact your subscription provider:

Netflix – 1800 107 578

Foxtel – 13 19 99

Need more help?

Watch our video on How to troubleshoot apps on the Telstra TV



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