This will depend on what service your device is connected to. Here’s a list of the different services and how they use data:

  1. Telstra home internet service When you watch Foxtel GO at home on a Telstra home internet service the data is unmetered. So it doesn’t use up any of your monthly data allowance
  2. Non-Telstra home internet service If you watch Foxtel GO on another internet service it will use some of your plan’s monthly data allowance.
  3. Mobile networks If you watch Foxtel GO on any mobile network, including the Telstra mobile network, it will use some of your mobile plan’s monthly data allowance. 


How much data does Foxtel GO use?

The amount of data Foxtel GO uses depends on:

  • your device
  • your service
  • the video quality you choose. 

Here’s an estimate of how much each might use:

Mobile phone:

  • High quality: 920 MB per hour 
  • Low quality: 320 MB per hour


  • High quality: 920 MB per hour
  • Low quality: 320 MB per hour

Laptop or desktop computer: 

  • High quality: 1325 MB per hour
  • Low quality: 435 MB per hour

How do I change the video quality on Foxtel GO?

  1. Open Foxtel GO
  2. Select the Settings symbol 
  3. Select Video settings 
  4. Select the video quality you want.

Can I tell how much data a movie or episode uses on Foxtel GO?

To see the size of an episode or movie select the Synopsis tab in Foxtel GO.

Good to know:

  • 1024 MB is equal to 1 GB.





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