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  • What are Third Party Content Purchases

    What are Third Party Content Purchases?

    They're digital content or services accessed from your mobile phone, either via Premium SMS or through Telstra Carrier Billing. The content and services available on your mobile phone are provided by third parties Service Providers and include things like ringtones, wallpapers, games, music videos and chat services. Telstra bills you for the content used and charges will appear on your Telstra Post-Paid mobile bill or deducted from your Pre-Paid account balance.

    If you have any concerns about any PDB charges on your account, please call us on 13 22 00.


    Purchasing content

    Purchasing content through Premium SMS:

    Premium SMS is a payment option to pay for content offered by companies other than Telstra. Premium SMS can be presented to customers in online, TV or print advertisements, which requires you to send a key word to a 19x number in order to purchase the content. The advertisement also details service costs, the helpline number, how to opt out or "STOP" and other relevant information. You can opt into a Premium SMS monthly subscription or make a once off purchase. If you receive Premium SMS it means you have agreed to use or receive specific entertainment services via your mobile. By default, new Post-Paid customers are limited to spending $100 a month on these services.

    These could include ringtones, mobile wallpaper, chat services, horoscopes, age-restricted content, news, sport and weather updates, games, music and video clips, casting a vote on TV shows and entering competitions.


    Do you understand who is providing you with the service?

    Even though the charges may appear on your Telstra bill, we don't actually provide Premium SMS services or have any control over the cost; your agreement is with the third party content provider. Before you purchase content or sign up for Premium SMS services, you should try to find out who is actually providing the service (this would normally be set out in their terms and conditions, which they should offer you before you sign up).


    Do you understand how much you'll be charged?

    We don't set prices of content provided by third parties for Premium SMS purchases. You should try to find out what costs apply before you sign up to any service. Reading their terms and conditions should be a good start.


    Will it affect your Post-Paid bill?

    Sometimes you might have to pay the content provider directly (such as by buying an access card or something else from them). Some other times, their charges might end up on your Post-Paid bill with us. If you see additional charges on your Post-Paid bill (under Third Party/Separate Purchases) or money debited from your Pre-Paid account, it is because we pay the content provider on your behalf then recover the cost on your mobile bill.


    Can you receive the service you signed up for?

    Premium SMS charges aren't included in the 'Free Text' programs on a Pre-Paid service so if you don't have enough credit, you won't get the content. For Post-Paid, Premium SMS is not included in discounts or within your data allowance.


    Are you signing up to receive and pay for content on a regular basis?

    If you are, you'll be charged every time you receive a Premium SMS message or a daily or weekly subscription fee for subscription based content.

    If it's a subscription service, the provider should ensure that you receive a text message on your phone confirming the content purchase, costs, the content provider's name, how to unsubscribe and helpline services.

    Make sure that you understand these terms and conditions before you reply to the message and activate the service.


    Manage your content

    How did I get these charges?

    If you have Premium SMS or third party content charges on your Telstra Bill, you have agreed to subscribe to paying for content such as games, ringtones, music clips, trivia or entering TV competitions from your phone.

    At times, such as with Google Play™ App Store, you can opt to pay for the costs of the content on your Telstra bill. This will mean the charges will appear on your bill at the end of the month. If you are using an app on your mobile, at times, a banner ad will appear. If you click on these banners ads, you can be directed to a online portal and sign up to content likes games and ringtones with recurring weekly costs.

    If you have young children using your device, it is important that you monitor what they click on when browsing the internet, as they can accept charges that relate to an ongoing subscription weekly service.

    If you have any concerns about any PDB charges on your account, please call us on 13 22 00.


    How do you know if you're subscribed to content, applications or services?

    You will receive a confirmation SMS on activation and monthly reminders from the third party service providers if you're subscribed. For example: "FreeMsg: You have subscribed to Fun Tones and will be charged $8.50/week on your mobile account. To opt-out send STOP to 1978905. HELP: 1-300-955-000". It is important that you take notice of these reminders so you know how much your subscription is and how to opt out.


    How can I unsubscribe/opt out?

    It is important that you unsubscribe/opt out if you no longer want to receive charges on a weekly basis. For Premium SMS:

    1. Ring the third party service provider's helpline number (during business hours) listed under Third Party Purchases or Separate Purchases on your Telstra Bill, to talk to a Consultant. If you seek a refund for the amount you have been charged, it is important that you call the third party helpline number listed on your Telstra bill, as they can refund you directly, if they determine necessary.
    2. Text the word 'STOP' to the 19xx number specified in your reply confirmation text messages AND send it from the mobile service which originally subscribed to the service. You should receive a confirmation message back that you have been unsubscribed from the premium service.
    3. Alternatively, ring the third party service provider's helpline and follow the prompts to opt out or cancel. You should receive a confirmation message back that you have been unsubscribed from the service. You can find out more about the specific service providers in the alphabetical list below.

    How do I block or bar premium content?

    Barring Premium SMS

    You can bar all future subscriptions on Premium SMS services on your mobile free of charge. Once barring is activated you can't receive, be charged for or use 19 numbers or access any app stores or media portals. Make sure that you unsubscribe from any existing services first before you apply permanent barring on your phone.

    If you have a Post-Paid service, you can bar Premium SMS via the Premium SMS Barring Request form. Please allow up to one business day for barring to be activated.


    Limiting Premium SMS

    You can cap the amount you spend on Premium SMS and Telstra Carrier Billing. The standard spend limit for Premium SMS is $100 per month for Post-Paid customers and $500 for Pre-Paid customers, but you may also qualify to have other limits applied. To request a change to your spend limit or make an enquiry about third party charges, contact:

    • Telstra Post-Paid — call 13 2200 and say "Third Party Purchases".
    • Telstra Pre-Paid — call 125 8880, press 5, then 1.

    Got a query on a Premium SMS service? is a free online tool to look up where you can find the content provider and description of Premium SMS services by populating the required fields with the 19 premium number.


    Third party Service Providers

    Who do I contact about third party purchases?

    If you have any concerns about any PDB charges on your account, please call us on 13 22 00.

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