How do I know if my mobile plan has shared or non-shared data allowance?

Eligible Services for data sharing 

If you have an Upfront plan, your data allowances will be automatically shared up to 20 Upfront services on the same account. If you need more data each month, you can change your plan that has different data inclusions.

Find out more about data sharing and data allowance on Upfront plans.

When you sign up for a Business Mobile plan or move an existing service to a Business Mobile plan, your Shared Monthly Data Allowance will be automatically pooled and shared with the data allowances of services on the same account that are connected to one of the following plans (the Eligible Services): 

  • Business Mobile Data Plans  
  • TMB Business Share  
  • Go Business Mobile Broadband Plans  
  • Business Mobile Plans  
  • $5 or $0 Data Share SIMs  
  • Easy Share Business Plans   
  • Business Mobile Lease Plans  
  • Business Performance Data Share Packages  
  • Team Plans  
  • My Business Mobile Plans   
  • Business Mobile Broadband Share Plan  
  • DOT Mobile  
  • Go Business Mobile Plan  
  • Data Share SIM Plans  
  • Business Performance Plans (Shared)  
  • Go Business Data Share SIMs  
  • My Business Mobile Data Plans  

Your Eligible Services will automatically be converted to No Excess Data Charges in Australia, and Extra Data will be removed, as well as Business Demand Data removed.   

Your Eligible Services will otherwise continue with the same minimum monthly charges and any existing bonus data or credit. If Extra Data has already been charged for that billing period, there will be no refund for that charge. 


For example:

You currently have a $99 shareable Business Mobile Plan with a 12GB monthly data allowance and Extra Data (an Eligible Service) and a non-shareable $45 My Business Wireless Broadband Plan 20GB with Extra Data (not an Eligible Service). You then buy a Medium Business Mobile Plan for $60 and a 60GB included monthly data allowance.   

Your Business Mobile Plan is automatically converted to No Excess Data Charges, giving your account a Shared Monthly Data Allowance of 72GB across both your Business Mobile Plan and Business Mobile Data Plan. If you exceed the Shared Monthly Data in a month, then both services will have speeds shaped to a maximum of 1.5Mbps but no excess data charges will apply.  

Your Business Mobile Plan continues unchanged with the same minimum monthly charge and any existing bonus data or credit, except that Extra Data will be removed. However, Extra Data will remain on your non-shareable $45 My Business Wireless Broadband Plan, which continues unchanged. 

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