How do I view and manage my Telstra Upfront Mobile and Data Plan?

The My Telstra app helps you manage your Upfront Mobile and Data Plans. 

You can:

  • Track your order
  • Check your data usage (including shared data usage)
  • Change your plan 
  • Check your international calling balance
  • View upcoming payments and payment dates
  • View and download invoices
  • Add or remove extras

Need more, or less data?

Every Upfront Mobile and Data plan can have their plan size changed once a month (either increasing your plan or decreasing your plan). You can change your plans in the My Telstra app.

If you increase your data allowance - your higher data allowance starts right away, and you don’t pay anything extra that month. Your new increased price will take effect on your next monthly payment date.

If you decrease your data allowance – your lower data allowance will start from your next monthly payment date. At 6pm (AEST), the day before your next monthly payment date, your data allowance will change to the smaller plan that you’ve selected. You will receive this lower allowance for a 6hr period (6pm – midnight AEST) and at midnight, your allowance will reset again next month (to the smaller plan size / data allowance that you selected). You may receive some SMS notifications during this period to let you know that your data allowance has been changed.

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