How do I add more data to my mobile or mobile broadband?

If you have an Upfront plan, your data allowances will be automatically shared up to 10 Upfront services on the same account. If you need more data each month, you can change your plan that has different data inclusions. Your options for more data are determined by which plan you have. 

With no lock-in, you can change your plan once a billing cycle to suit your needs. If you have shareable plans on your account and connect a new plan or change an existing plan from 25 June 2019, we’ll automatically update all existing eligible plans on that account to have no excess data charges in Australia.

For Business Mobile Plans and Business Data plans (purchased on or after 25 June 2019) and Business Mobile Choice plans: 

You can change your Business Mobile plan or Business Data plan up or down, once per billing cycle, to suit your data needs. 

For mobile plans purchased before 25 June 2019: 

You can choose between extra data and data packs, or add both. 

If you add both and exceed your data allowance, you will have used your included plan allowance first, then use any data pack allowance, then extra data blocks will be added. 

Extra data

You can add extra data to your mobile service. If you exceed your included plan allowance, we will add a 1GB block of data to your service for $10, each time you exceed your allowance.  If you have shared services on the same account, the Extra Data will be shareable by other services on the same account and be part of your shared data pool.  

If you add extra data, it will activate this on all other eligible services on the same account. 

Voice and Data Pack 

You can add a Voice and Data Pack to your mobile service for both shared and non-shared services.   

On activation, you’ll receive the full data, voice and text allowance and be charged the full amount regardless of when in your billing cycle the Voice and Data Pack was purchased. A Voice and Data Pack will incur a monthly charge until you remove it from your service. 

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