Extra data replaces the excess data usage rates that in the past would’ve been charged when you went over your data allowance. Extra data is now included with all of Telstra’s mobile and mobile data plans and automatically gives you a 1GB block of data for $10 when you go over your monthly allowance. 

  • If you use that 1GB before the end of your billing period, we'll automatically add another 1GB of data for $10
  • Any extra data you don’t use expires at the end of your monthly billing period 
  • You can only use extra data in Australia

You can estimate how much data you might need in a month with our data usage calculator.

If you are on the Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan, you will not be charged excess data charges and you won't have the option of adding on an extra data pack. Instead, if you exceed your data allowance, you can continue to access data at speeds to up to 1.5Mpbs and won't be charged any more for that usage.

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