What’s pay-as-you-go international roaming?

Important: Pay-as-you-go International Roaming is not available on Upfront plans.

Pay-as-you-go roaming charges you for every SMS, call and MB of data used while outside of Australia.

Pay-as-you-go roaming is only recommended when you’re travelling to a country where an International Day Pass isn’t available. Or when you only want to send an SMS every now and then.  

Pay-as-you-go roaming isn’t recommended if you like to use data or make calls while travelling. Our International Day Pass is a much more cost-effective option.  

Pay-as-you-go rates differ from country to country, so make sure you check your destination country before travelling.  

While you’re overseas, we’ll send you free SMS alerts for every $100 of usage.  

Avoid unwanted costs

To avoid any unwanted international roaming costs we recommend you do the following

To avoid all roaming charges

  • Disable International Roaming and Day Pass, or remove your SIM before your travel abroad.

If you wish to maintain International Roaming, the following may trigger roaming charges

  • If you are using a dual-SIM or eSIM, please ensure International Roaming is disabled on the secondary (unused) service.

You will incur International Roaming charges when using call forwarding / MessageBank

  • When someone calls you and leaves a Voicemail/MessageBank message
  • When you call and listen to your Voicemail/MessageBank messages
  • If you use SMS to have your Voicemail/MessageBank call you

To avoid these potential unwanted costs please do the following

  • Set unconditional diversion to Voicemail/MessageBank in phone settings (you can still make calls and retrieve Voicemail while roaming, but these will be charged at standard roaming rates as per your plan). You will not be able to receive any phone calls while unconditional diversions are in place.
  • Disabling international roaming or removing your SIM after you have begun travelling may still incur roaming charges if:
  • Someone calls and leaves a Voicemail/MessageBank message (if call forwarding unconditional diversion has not been setup in your phone settings beforehand)

 See here for more information about forwarding calls to your mobile.

Check more details in Our Customer Terms for your service or solution.

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