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    Google Pixel 6

    Decorative image of front and rear of Google Pixel 6. Text on image says: Uniquely yours. Google logo. Pixel 6.

    Pixel 6 is powered by Google Tensor, the first processor custom-made for Pixel. It's fast, smart and secure. And it adapts to you.

    Pixel's very own powerhouse.

    Google's new custom-built chip keeps your phone fast, your games rich and your personal info safe.

    All-new cameras for your best photos ever.

    Capture more light and detail in every shot,1  get rid of distractions,2 and keep fast-moving subjects in focus.

    Fast, smart and personalised for you.

    Experience Pixel in a whole new way, with an all-day adaptive battery,3 proactive help and fluent Live Translate.4

    Advanced security helps you feel safe every day.

    Backed by the new Titan M2™ security chip, five years of updates and Security hub, your privacy and protection is built into Pixel.5

    Pixel's very own powerhouse.

    Google Tensor is the first chip made by Google, just for Pixel. It's the same chip used in Pixel 6 Pro, so it helps keep your phone running smoothly and efficiently.

    Graphic of the Google Tensor chip.

    Smarter chip for a smarter phone.

    Incredibly intelligent machine learning helps you do things only a Google phone can do, like instantly translate messages and videos without Internet.

    Powers the most powerful Pixel phones.

    Up to 80% faster performance than Pixel 5, so apps load quicker and gaming is more responsive.8 Plus, it saves power so your battery lasts longer.

    Your protection, built into Pixel.

    Google Tensor has an extra layer of protection than earlier models of Pixel phones and works with the next-gen Titan M2™ security chip to keep Pixel even more resilient to attacks.

    Close up of Google Pixel camera.

    Adds a boost of camera magic.

    Google Tensor’s custom image processor lets Pixel's all-new camera capture fun times and starry nights exactly how you remember them.7

    All-new cameras for your best photos ever.

    The all-new 50-megapixel camera has bigger sensors to help you capture more colour, more detail and 150% more light than Pixel 5.9 And with the ultrawide lens on the back, get even more of your world in the shot.

    Google Pixel 6 rear view surrounded by various lifestyle photos taken with the Google Pixel 6.
    *Colour availability may vary by country or carrier.

    Take authentic, accurate portraits.

    Portraits on Pixel highlight all people and the nuances of different skin tones beautifully and authentically.

    Say goodbye to photobombers.

    Magic Eraser makes distractions disappear with a few taps.10 Remove strangers and unwanted objects in Google Photos, so the people and places that you capture remain the true stars.

    Pixel captures your favourite faces without the blur.

    Turn great moments into great photos with Face Unblur, which can deblur a face to make it sharper.11

    Portrait Mode brings an artful blur to the background.

    With Portrait Mode, you can artfully blur out the background to help your subjects stand out in professional-style portraits.

    Motion Mode adds more action to your action shots.

    Motion Mode helps you capture crazy skateboarding tricks and wild beach waves in full motion. And add extra depth to make the scene come to life even more.

    An all-day battery you'll love.

    Prioritises power for your favourite apps.

    Pixel's all-day Adaptive Battery is everything a battery should be.12 It learns your favourite apps, so it doesn't waste power on ones you rarely use.

    Can stay powered on for days.

    When you turn on Extreme Battery Saver, the battery can last up to 48 hours, so there's power when you really need it.13 You can even control which apps run while it's on.

    Made to last. Made to be brilliant.

    A Google Pixel 6 with water droplets splashed on it.

    Ready for life's little accidents.

    Pixel 6 is built from Corning "Gorilla" Glass Victus,™ the toughest Gorilla Glass yet, with up to 2x better scratch resistance than previous Pixel phones.14 And with IP68 protection, it can take on water and dust with no problems.15 So it's just as durable as it is beautiful.

    Two women looking at a Google Pixel 6.

    The display adapts to you.

    The 6.4" Smooth Display adjusts to what you're doing.16 Its high refresh rate means more responsive gaming and scrolling. And high brightness mode lets you watch and play in bright sunlight.

    Speak fluent Spanish. Or Japanese. Or French.

    Understand and communicate in languages other than your own. Get your chats translated in real time, listen to podcasts with translated captions and even use your camera to read signs in up to 55 languages.¹⁷ No internet needed.¹⁸

    A graphic representation of a chat conversation in Spanish. Text speech bubbles says Hola Maya! Soy Sophie, la amiga de Lucy. Estoy organizando una fiesta de cumpleanos para Lucy y me gustaria invitarte. Text on button above the conversations says: Translate to English.

    A beautiful new experience that adapts to match your style.

    The reimagined interface is a whole new way to experience Pixel, with colours that reflect your personal style.

    Numerous Google Pixel 6s showing personalised home screens.
    Close up of Google Pixel 6 with playlist on screen.

    Pixel learns what you need and puts it front and centre.

    At a Glance shows you the apps and info that you need, right when you need it –  like surfacing a recent playlist when you connect your headphones.19

    Advanced security helps you to feel safe every day.

    The updated privacy and security features help to ensure that you, your personal data, photos and everything else on your phone stay safe.

    A Google Pixel 6 in someone’s hand.

    Google-powered protection built in.

    The custom-built Google Tensor processor, the new Titan M2™ chip, five years of security updates and the security core work together to help keep your private life private.20

    A pocket-sized personal security guard.

    Security made simple.

    The Security hub keeps all your security settings in one place. And it gives you proactive recommendations with simple steps you can take to improve your security.

    You're in control of your privacy.

    Transparency is built into your Google phone. You have control over your phone’s mics and cameras. You can easily turn them on and off, and choose which apps can use them.21.

    Easily call for help in emergencies.

    In an emergency, Pixel can automatically call for help, share your location or record a video. Once turned on, it can also detect if you may have been in a car crash and call for help if you're unable to respond.22.

    Close up of Google Pixel 6 in a person’s hand showing rear view of phone.
    Google Pixel 6 connected to another phone with a cord to demonstrate data transfer from old phone to new. The type of data is indicated by icons with text saying: Messages, Contacts and Photos.

    Switching is simple.

    It only takes a few steps to move your favourites from your old mobile phone and get going on Pixel. Just use the Quick Switch adaptor to transfer messages, contacts and photos to your new device.23

    More for you. From Google.

    Google Pixel 6 on a charging stand.

    Coming soon
    Even the wireless charger is smart.

    The new Pixel Stand (sold separately) is twice as powerful.24 And while your Pixel 6 is charging, you can use it as a smart display to see pictures from Google Photos or control your smart home.25

    A Google Pixel and a charger.

    Charge at the speed of fast.

    Charge your Google products and other USB-C® devices quickly with the 30 W USB-C® Charger (sold separately).26 And it's compact enough to take wherever you go.

    A person crouching on a rock holding Google Pixel 6 in a Pixel 6 case.

    Protect your phone beautifully.

    The Pixel 6 Case (sold separately) is made with translucent material that lets the phone shine through, and it's thoughtfully designed with over 30% recycled plastics.

    Magic Eraser makes distractions dissapear with a few taps. Magic Eraser makes distractions dissapear with a few taps.

    Legal disclaimers:

    Section 1

    • 1. Compared to the main rear camera on Pixel 5.
    • 2. Magic Eraser may not work on all image elements.
    • 3. Maximum battery life based on testing using a mix of talk, data, standby and use of other features. Battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features will decrease battery life. Battery testing was conducted by a third party in California in mid 2021 on pre-production hardware and software, using default settings. Battery testing was conducted using two major US carrier networks using sub-6 GHz non-standalone 5G (ENDC) connectivity. Actual battery life may be lower.
    • 4. Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. Visit Google support for live caption information.
    • 5. Android security updates for at least five years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US. Visit Google support for update details

    Section 2

    Section 3

    • 9. Compared to main rear camera on Pixel 5.
    • 10. Magic Eraser may not work on all image elements.
    • 11. Deblurring may not work on all photos or videos with faces.

    Section 4

    • 12. Maximum battery life based on testing using a mix of talk, data, standby and use of other features. Battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features will decrease battery life. Battery testing was conducted by a third party in California in mid 2021 on pre-production hardware and software, using default settings. Battery testing was conducted using two major US carrier networks using sub-6 GHz non-standalone 5G (ENDC) connectivity. Actual battery life may be lower.
    • 13. Maximum battery life based on testing using a mix of talk, data, standby and use of limited other features that are default in Extreme Battery Saver mode (which disables various features including 5G connectivity). Battery testing conducted using two major US mobile networks. Battery testing was conducted by a third party in California in mid 2021 on pre-production hardware and software using default settings, except that Extreme Battery Saver mode was enabled. Battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features will decrease battery life. Actual battery life may be lower.

    Section 5

    • 14. Compared to Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G).
    • 15. Designed to comply with dust and water protection rating IP68 under IEC standard 60529 when each device leaves the factory but the device is not water- or dust-proof. The accessories are not water- or dust-resistant. Water resistance and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and will diminish or be lost over time due to normal wear and tear, device repair, disassembly or damage. Dropping your device may result in loss of water/dust resistance. Liquid damage voids the warranty. Visit Google support for water damage information.
    • 16. Measured diagonally; dimension may vary by configuration and manufacturing process. Smooth Display is not available for all apps or content. Smooth Display automatically adjusts to optimise for best viewing and battery performance.

    Section 6

    • 17. Camera-based translation using Lens is available in 55 languages. Language availability may be more limited for other Pixel translation features. Visit Google support for live caption information. Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps.
    • 18. Internet connection required during setup only.

    Section 7

    • 19. Music subscription may be required.

    Section 8

    • 20. Android security updates for at least five years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US. Visit Google support for update details.
    • 21. For emergency calls, microphones are always on.
    • 22. Personal Safety app features are dependent upon network connectivity and other factors and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas. Visit Google support for emergency help details. Car crash detection not available in all languages or countries. Car crash detection may not detect all accidents. High-impact activities may trigger calls to the emergency services. This feature is dependent upon network connectivity and other factors, and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas. Visit Google support for car crash detection information.

    Section 9

    Section 10

    • 24. Compared to Google Pixel Stand (1st gen). Wireless charging rates up to 21 W (Pixel 6) and up to 23 W (Pixel 6 Pro) charging with Qi-certified Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen) (sold separately). Actual results may be slower.
    • 25. Requires compatible smart device. Sold separately. Visit Google support for information on compatible smart devices.
    • 26. Requires compatible USB-C® device (sold separately). Charging speed varies and depends on device compatibility, battery age, usage during charging, and many other factors.


    Brand Google
    Model Pixel 6
    Display 6.4 inches
    Storage 128 GB, 256 GB
    Cameras Rear: Dual rear cam: Wide + Ultrawide. Front: Wide angle FoV 84deg 8
    Battery 4620 mAh
    RAM 8 GB
    Quick Charging Yes
    Operating System Android 12
    Network Support 4GX Yes
    Network Support 5G Yes
    Telstra Blue Tick No


    Processor Google Tensor SoC
    RAM 8 GB


    Width 74.8 mm
    Height 158.6 mm
    Thickness 8.9 mm
    Weight 200 grams


    Pixel Density 411 ppi
    Screen Size 6.4 inches


    Front Camera Wide angle FoV 84deg 8
    Rear Camera Dual rear cam: Wide + Ultrawide


    3G Network B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
    4G Network 4G:B1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,13,14,17,18,19,20,25,26,28,29, 30,32,38,39,40,41,42,46,66,71 3G: B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19 Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
    5G Network FR1(sub6):n1/n2/n3/n5/n7/n8/n12/n20/n25/n28/n30/n 38/n40/n41/n48/n66/n71/n77/n78
    eSIM Yes
    SIM Size 4FF

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    The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4GX in all capital CBDs and selected suburban and regional areas and is progressively rolling out to more places. In other coverage areas around Australia, you’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G. Check coverage map.

    Outside 4GX areas, you will switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G speeds. Speeds vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, terrain, user numbers, hardware/software configuration, download source and upload destination.

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    International Calling Pack

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    International roaming

    The only way to use your service overseas is by purchasing an International Roaming day pass. You can purchase an International Roaming day pass at $5 per day in New Zealand, or $10 per day in more than 70 eligible countries. Day pass Zone 1 and 2 packs include 500MB of data to use per day as well as unlimited talk and text. Usage expires at the end of a 24-hour day pass period. If you go over your 500MB, you can add an additional 1GB for $10 for use within 31 days. A day pass is triggered whenever a call is made or received, an SMS is sent or if any mobile data is used in an eligible destination.

    If you’re travelling to a destination where our International Roaming day pass isn’t available, you cannot use your Telstra service.

    Telstra Plus upgrade

    You're eligible for the Telstra Plus upgrade if you’re an existing Telstra Plus member or if you sign up to Telstra Plus and are on an Essential or Premium mobile plan. Telstra Plus tier upgrade will be applied within 30 days and will apply for a year aligned to membership date. Once you reach the anniversary of the relevant membership year, we'll let you know that this offer is ending and you'll be moved to the relevant tier based on your previous year’s spend.

    Cancelling your plan

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    Telstra Plus

    To join Telstra Plus you must be 18+ with an active service. Points are earned on payment for services or Pre-Paid recharge (excluding outright purchases, refunds, credits and late payment fees). Points expire three years from earning. Marketing opt-in required (preferences can be changed). Excludes Telstra Enterprise and Corporate accounts. See the Telstra Plus program terms and conditions.


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