How to make a price match claim

  1. Purchase a device

  2. Get proof of a lower price

  3. Submit a claim form

  4. Wait for assessment

7 Day Price Match eligibility

Who’s eligible?

To make a price match claim, you must:

  • be a Telstra personal or small business customer with an account number; and
  • have purchased an eligible phone, tablet or hotspot from Telstra and received it within the last 7 days.

What products are included?

Claims can be submitted for:

  • eligible phones, tablets or hotspots purchased from Telstra outright (only for existing customers with a Telstra account number), on monthly repayment plans, using trade-in or with points plus pay. Pre-paid phones are excluded.

What prices are excluded?

A lower price is ineligible if the offer is:
  • for secondhand or refurbished devices
  • for products with pricing set significantly lower than the RRP or Market Value
  • for clearance, liquidation, auction/warehouse or likewise sale items
  • inclusive of cashback, coupon offers or gift cards
  • for commercial quantities
  • from an online only retailer
  • from an international retailer
  • on Gumtree, Facebook or any other grey market channel
  • a corporate benefit price
  • priced incorrectly

Found a lower price?

Submit a price match claim using our online form.

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