Information for developers

New developments in a nbn fixed line region

From July 2019, we’re not entering commercial agreements for new nbn developments that fall within a fixed line rollout region, except under special circumstances.

Before registering a new development

Check the status of nbn in the area of your development before submitting a registration application.

Issues connecting your new home or development to the nbn

If you’re having an issue connecting to the nbn, please contact nbn co directly. This includes developers of a single residential dwelling.

Registering your development

Register your development with us if nbn co has determined it will not service your development with a fixed line infrastructure.

We will assess your application and contact you to discuss your options.

Download Telstra Smart Community Full Terms and Conditions (PDF, 24KB)

Who can register?

Only the developer or someone who is authorised to enter into the Application for Reticulation (AFR) Terms and Conditions of behalf of the Developer.

You may need to provide written evidence that you are authorised to act on behalf of the Developer.

Asbestos handling requirements

We have requirements for developers and their contractors around the handling of asbestos.

On 24th of December, Telstra sold its FTTP networks in South Brisbane and the Velocity Estates to Uniti Group Limited, a diversified provider of telecommunications services. 

The sale will benefit the ~50,000 active services on these networks today by creating a pathway to improve the technology in the network and deliver a better-connected experience.

The transition process is expected to commence from July 2022, given the preparatory work the parties need to undertake.

Because of the sale there will be changes to way developer work is ordered. Please contact us at if you have any questions. 

Why register your development?

Help reduce connection delays

Help detect issues early

Avoid duplication of infrastructure

Important information about new developments

Telstra Velocity (FTTP)

About Telstra Velocity

Telstra Velocity is used to describe the supply of telecommunications to your building using fibre optics instead of the traditional copper cable. A single fibre can supply a home with telephone and broadband.

Homes built in a Velocity estate must be cabled to our requirements.

Information for homeowners

The Velocity network provides versatile communication services for your home. For information on ordering non-Telstra services on the Velocity network, please contact your service provider.

For all enquiries about Telstra services on the Velocity network, call us on 1800 008 994 Mon – Fri: 8.00am – 8.00pm AEST.

Battery back-up

The Velocity Network needs power to operate. It’s recommended you get a back-up battery so you can still make calls in a black-out, including to 000.

It’s your responsibility to keep the battery charged, working and replaced according to manufacturer's specifications.

Help and support

The below documents are intended to provide technical guidance only. They do not necessarily reflect current policy around infrastructure responsibility and costs.