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Information for developers, homeowners and occupants

Information for developers

New developments

The 2020 year saw significant changes to the legal and regulatory framework that applies to the provision of telecommunications infrastructure in new developments. 

As a result of these changes, Telstra has reconsidered its involvement in this provision and will no longer provide a quote for any Application for Reticulation or enter into contracts to reticulate any New Developments. 

If confirmation of telecommunications infrastructure provisioning is required prior to development approval, developers may approach the SIP for the area in which the development is located.

Voice services in new developments

Telstra remains the primary universal service provider for the delivery of voice services as required under the Universal Service Obligation (USO) and must ensure people in Australia have reasonable access to standard telephone services where they live or work. This is an obligation to individual end users. These are residents of a single house or multi-tenanted complexes/apartments and tenants of a commercial/retail premises, where those premises are the primary place of residence or business.

Telstra will meet its USO voice service obligation on an individual basis in response to a customer service request using the most appropriate technology, including potentially a fixed wireless or satellite solution. Voice service connection fees and timeframes for end users will be in accordance with Our Customer Terms.

Broadband services in new developments

The USO does not cover the provision of broadband/internet services. The new Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) regime aims to ensure access to superfast broadband infrastructure and services. nbn co is the default SIP, and other carriers can also be the SIP in certain circumstances (see ACMA SIP register).
The Government’s Telecommunications in New Developments policy provides further information about the SIP regime and the provision of telecommunications infrastructure in new developments. It also provides information on developers’ obligations under the Telecommunications Act 1997 (such as the requirement to provide fibre ready facilities).

Telstra Velocity (FTTP)

About Telstra Velocity

On 24 December 2020, Telstra sold its FTTP networks in South Brisbane and the Velocity Estates to Uniti Group Limited, to be operated and maintained by their wholesale subsidiary Opticomm. Over the coming months, Opticomm will be upgrading the network and will progressively become the new network access provider. This means customers will get access to faster speeds and improved internet reliability once their premises is changed to the new network.

Opticomm will not be the retailer of services on the upgraded network, but will act as a wholesaler to other retail service providers. Like nbn, customers will continue to receive services from their preferred phone and internet provider.

The transition process is expected to commence from July 2022, given the preparatory work the parties need to undertake. You can find out more about how Telstra Velocity is changing.

If you would like to make a new application, please contact Uniti Group Limited at to initiate an application for connecting your development to their network.

Homeowners & occupants

The Velocity network provides versatile communication services for your home. For information on ordering non-Telstra services on the Velocity network, please contact your service provider.

For all enquiries about Telstra services on the Velocity network, call us on 1800 008 994 
Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm AEST.


Battery back-up

The Velocity Network needs power to operate. It’s recommended you get a back-up battery so you can still make calls in a black-out, including to 000.

It’s your responsibility to keep the battery charged, working and replaced according to manufacturer's specifications.

Help and support

Before You Dig Australia is a referral service for information on locating underground utilities anywhere in Australia. Please ensure you have identified any existing infrastructure prior to the clearing of any land, excavation, drilling or boring. 

Dial 1100 during business hours. 

Visit the 1100 website  

If Before You Dig Australia, or local inspection in the vicinity of your new development indicates we may have existing infrastructure running through it, please engage our Network Integrity team to arrange the relocation of assets prior to the development proceeding.

Call Telstra Network Integrity on 1800 810 443

Request Asset Relocation Or Commercial Works

Asset Relocation:

  • Includes the removal, reconstruction, relocation and any other work deemed necessary (by us) for the purposes of protecting our plant and equipment from potential damage from another party, both on public and private property, e.g. Relocation of cable to permit road or public works 
  • Lead-ins for refurbished or partially demolished buildings, e.g. where facade is retained 
  • Recovery of a lead-in due to demolition of a premises 
  • Customer request for relocation of Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Telstra lead-in cable, where it is associated with building alteration/addition works 
  • Relocation of lead-In due to refurbishment of a building. 

To report any damage to Telstra infrastructure, call 13 22 03. 

Report damage online

For queries relating to an existing new development application.

 Contact us online

Network lead in

For residential, call on 13 22 00


The below documents are intended to provide technical guidance only.

Asbestos handling requirements

We have requirements for developers and their contractors around the handling of asbestos.

Asbestos handling requirements


Cabling of multi-building residential developments 

Download 017153a03 - Cabling of multi-building residential developments (PDF, 104KB)


Cabling of multi-storey residential buildings 

Download 017153a05 - Cabling of multi-storey residential buildings (PDF, 1.1MB) 


Telstra Requirements for Customer MDFs 

Download 017153a08 - Telstra Requirements for Customer MDFs (PDF, 1.9MB)


Installation requirements for customer cabling 

Read the customer cabling requirements


Guard Wire Installation Advice 

Download 010264a01 - Guard Wire Installation Advice (PDF, 202KB) 


Alteration of Telstra Facilities in Homes and Small Businesses 

Download 012882 - Alteration of Telstra Facilities in Homes and Small Businesses (PDF, 5.35MB)


Telstra Network Termination Device 

Download 012688 - Telstra Network Termination Device (PDF, 3.45MB)


Telstra Lead In Trenching Requirements 

Download 017153a07 - Telstra Lead In Trenching Requirements (PDF, 466KB)


Complete home cabling guide 

Download 017153a00 - Complete home cabling guide (PDF, 7.9MB)


Essential home cabling information 

Download 017153a01 - Essential home cabling information (PDF, 1.6MB)


Lead in cabling 

Download 017153a02 - Lead in cabling (PDF, 1.9MB)


Telstra Smart Modem specifications 

Download Telstra Smart Modem Specifications (PDF, 168KB)


Cabling of New Homes for Telstra Velocity FTTP 

Your home needs to be wired specifically for the Telstra Velocity services to operate. Telstra cannot guarantee your service delivery if your home has not been wired to the Velocity cabling requirements. Discuss your wiring needs with your builder and make sure your builder is aware that you live in a Telstra Velocity estate. 

Download the Telstra Velocity Home Wiring Guide (PDF, 1.27MB) 

Download 013234 - Cabling of New Homes for Telstra FTTP (PDF, 1.4MB) 


MDU Information Summary 

Download 013234a05 - MDU Information Summary Cabling (PDF, 465KB) 


Combined Utilities Enclosures 

Download 010062 - Combined Utilities Enclosures Documentation (PDF, 485KB) 

Internet and voice will continue to be available on the Opticomm access network after transition. There will be more choice of plans including speeds, as the upgraded network will support speeds of up to 1Gb.

There is no charge for your residents to transition their active service to the upgraded network during the transition program

Free to air TV Free to air TV signals (without antennas will not be impacted. Following transition these services will continue to be delivered your residents over the upgraded network, including for those customers with legacy Telstra network termination devices (NTDs) not transitioned during the upgrade (i.e. inactive voice/broadband customers using the NTDs for Free To Air/Pay TV signals).

The upgraded Opticomm Optical Network Terminal (ONT) does not offer the same configuration as the current Velocity Network Termination Device (NTD), with no PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) port available. PSTN based back to base security systems and PSTN based fire safety alarm systems will no longer be able to be supported following the transition of services to the upgraded Opticomm access network.