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Like all mobile networks, our coverage depends on where you are, if you're using an external antenna and the mobile, tablet or broadband device you are using.

We'll help you get the best out of our coverage.


It's better with a Blue Tick!

When you choose a ‘Blue Tick’ mobile, you can be sure that whether you’re in a regional area, country town or off the beaten track, you’ll experience the best possible coverage on the network without equal. 

Blue Tick testing - how Telstra tests smartphones


Blue Tick Phones


Broadband & Wi-Fi

Get the most from your broadband

Ever find yourself holding your tablet high in the air to get a Wi-Fi signal, or running a cable across the room to your desktop?

Give your home connection a better reach with a network extender.


Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna 4G


The Telstra Mobile Smart Antenna is designed to extend indoor coverage for Telstra 3G and 4G/4GX mobile or mobile broadband services in Telstra Mobile network coverage areas.



Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender


This plug-in device expands the coverage of your wireless network. Use wireless devices like tablets, notebooks and T-Hub 2 to reach more places around your home.



Netgear Powerline Extender


This extender brings your internet access to any electrical outlet in your home. It’s ideal for demanding applications like your T-Box, game consoles, and for streaming content.



Is the NBN available in my region?

The NBN is a new communications network run by the government-owned NBN Co that brings super-fast internet and phone access to Australian homes. Our NBN experts will be with you every step of the way to help manage the transition.

Learn more about the NBN and find out if it is available in or coming to your region.


regional nbn


Telstra Mobile Satellite and Satellite Broadband

If you are living or working in some of Australia's most remote locations, Telstra Mobile Satellite and Satellite Broadband may be for you.


Mobile Satellite

Satellite Broadband



Australia's largest 4G coverage area

Telstra offers 4G in all capital CBDs and selected regional areas.

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