Make your data allowance on your Go Mobile Plan go further by sharing it with other SIM ready devices in Australia.

Whether you want to take your tablet with you when you’re out and about, or provide your kids or grandkids with an easy-to-manage mobile service, there’s a Data Share option available for you.




When you add a Data Share SIM to your Go Mobile plan, you’ll get a new SIM card that’s connected to your plan.

If you put this SIM card into a SIM-ready tablet or mobile broadband device, any data used in Australia will come from the monthly allowance on your Go Mobile plan.

This means you’ll only have one data allowance to manage, and have up to a total of 5 extra SIM cards that can access your shared monthly data allowance. Your five Data Share SIMs can be a combination of both $5/mth and $40/mth SIMs.

And the good news is, if you use up your plan’s monthly data allowance, you’ll automatically get Extra Data for that month to use and share across eligible services on your account within Australia. Extra Data is added in 1GB blocks for just $10 per block and each block expires at the end of your billing month.




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$5 Data Share SIM
This Data Share SIM is only for tablets and data devices on a Go Mobile Plan.

It allows you to access to the shared data allowance of eligible services on the same account.

You cannot use your Data Share SIM in a mobile handset.

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Things you need to know

Go Mobile Plans: Some usage is excluded, such as calls/SMS/MMS to premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers), 1234, 12455 and 12456 numbers, some satellite numbers, content charges and use overseas. Unused allowances expire monthly.

Extra Data: If you go over your Monthly Data Allowance, we automatically add data to your allowance for that month in 1GB blocks for $10 per GB. Extra Data is for use in Australia with eligible plans, is shared between eligible data sharing services on your account and expires at the end of that billing month.

You can share your included data allowance between your Go Mobile Plan and up to a total of five Data Share SIMs (you can have a combination of $5/mth and $40/mth SIMs)on the same account.