How our calling packs work

With our new upfront plans, you get 30 minutes per month of standard international calls from Australia to all countries. Plus Upfront Mobile plans include unlimited standard international SMS and MMS. Once you've used your included calls, you can then add an International Calling Pack to get additional call minutes to selected countries.

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Please note: If your destination isn’t listed in any of our calling packs and you have used your 30 minutes of international calls, you won’t be able to call that destination again using your service until your 30 minutes of included international calls resets next month.

  • International Calling Pack Zone 1

    for $10 Monthly
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  • International Calling Pack Zone 2

    for $20 Monthly
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  • International Calling Pack Zone 3

    for $30 Monthly
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Your International Calling Pack allowance can be used on voice calls to standard international numbers in selected destinations, whilst in Australia. Unused allowances expire monthly.

You can cancel your International Calling Pack at any time. If you cancel your International Calling Pack part way through your month, this will be removed immediately. You won’t get a pro-rata refund but you’ll continue to access your pack inclusions until the end of the month. If you do not cancel your pack, it will continue on a monthly basis and you will be charged each month until you cancel.

Once you have used the inclusions of your International Calling Pack, you will not be able to add additional packs and will need to wait until your plan inclusions reset on your monthly payment date.