Our mobile plans are now carbon neutral! And you can support climate projects to help offset emissions with your Telstra Plus points

Our mobile plans are now certified carbon neutral. You can also now use Telstra Plus points to help offset everyday emissions and support climate action.
Justine Rowe · 23 February 2023 · 3 minute read

Our mobile plans are now certified carbon neutral. You can also now use Telstra Plus points to help offset everyday emissions and support climate action.

The science is clear. Climate change is adversely impacting our environment, economy, communities and individuals. 

Which is why we’ve been working hard to make our mobile plans 100% carbon neutral (at no extra cost to you). 

And today, we’re also announcing that you can now use your Telstra Plus points to support climate projects and help offset carbon emissions.

Climate action integrity is paramount

There’s been debate recently on the role of carbon credits as a means to combat climate change. 

Carbon offsets are essential in helping reduce, remove or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. These offsets effectively support specific projects and technologies that can help contribute to fighting climate change. 

These projects may reduce emissions (for example through savanna burning), remove emissions from our environment (such as through planting native trees to capture carbon), or avoid emissions altogether (such as by accelerating the uptake of renewable energy like solar or wind). These are all important steps that we can contribute to by investing in carbon credits. 

The projects we invest in must align to robust criteria and assessment framework. When sourcing carbon credits we look at a number of important factors including: 

  • Are the reductions achieved by the project additional to what would have happened if the project had not been carried out?
  • Can we be sure the emissions have actually been avoided or removed?
  • Does the project enhance the adoption of low, zero or negative emissions technology and practices?

We investigate hundreds of projects globally in order to be satisfied with the handful of projects in which we ultimately invest. It is an intensive process, but it gives us confidence that the carbon offset units we purchase support projects that are real, verifiable and additional. 

And it will never take our eye off, or be seen as an alternative to, the main game – which is reducing our actual emissions.

Our climate targets are three-fold: 

  • A reduction in our absolute scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by at least 50% by 2030 (from an FY19 baseline).
  • Enabling renewable energy generation equivalent to 100% of our consumption by 2025.
  • Being carbon neutral in our operations from 2020 by offsetting emissions that we haven’t yet reduced.

It’s the combination of these levers – emissions reduction, investing in renewable energy and offsetting emissions – that allows us to take a balanced, yet aggressive approach to contribute to real world impact.

How and why your Telstra mobile plan is now carbon neutral

If you are a Telstra mobile customer, your ongoing use of your Telstra mobile network connection is now carbon neutral. And this applies to all Telstra branded Consumer (pre and postpaid), Small Business, and Enterprise mobile plans and mobile broadband plans. 

The best part is that you don’t need to do a thing; we’ve done it all in the background on behalf of our customers. 

How it works: 

The carbon emissions of your mobile plan are now offset. This includes the SIM cards and the energy that powers our network to make calls and stream content. 

While we don’t offset your physical device (e.g., your phone itself), we can contribute by ensuring that when you use it to make a call or use data, you’re doing so in a more sustainable way. 

Use your Telstra Plus points to help offset much more

Just like it is for us, we think your number one focus should be on reducing your actual carbon emissions

But we also know it’s hard to change the everyday activities that cause emissions if we don’t know which ones are the biggest culprits. 

For example, did you know that an average-sized cat generates approximately 310kg of carbon emissions per year and an average-sized dog generates approximately 770kg? 

So, to help soften the impact of emissions you (and your precious pets) can’t avoid, you can now use your Telstra Plus points to support Australian and International climate projects that help reduce, avoid or remove emissions from the atmosphere.  

Whether you want to help offset the carbon emissions of your furry friend, your trusty tech, or that weekend road trip, it’s now as easy as redeeming your Telstra Plus points – those loyalty credits that add up each month in your account, every time you make an eligible payment on your bill. 

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By Justine Rowe

SEAL Executive