Recycling matters to us

Recycling your old devices in store

Like you, we're serious about lightening our impact on the environment. Recycling your old devices in store through Telstra's eCycle Program is a great way to reduce your electronic waste footprint.

500,000 devices and counting...

Our commitment

Recovering and recycling the useful materials in our products prevents them from going into landfill at the end of their lifecycle. That's why we're committed to recycling and reusing over 500,000 phones, modems and other devices each year, right up to 2025. But we need your help.

What we're doing for sustainability

A comprehensive look at how we're contributing to the bigger sustainability picture.  

You can recycle your old device in store

We're a proud founding member of MobileMuster, Australia's government accredited mobile phone recycling program. Telstra's eCycle Program, powered by MobileMuster makes fast and easy work of recycling your old devices.

Mobile phone being dropped off at a recycling drop of point

What can you recycle in stores?

Telstra’s eCycle Program lets you recycle the items listed, below in a safe, secure and ethical way. Just take them to your nearest Telstra store or MobileMuster drop off point. We’re working on expanding the program to collect other devices such as smart home devices and IoT devices (wearables, locators) and gaming consoles. For now, you can recycle these items through your nearest e-waste recycling station.

  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Mobile batteries and chargers
  • Mobile wireless internet devices
  • Mobile accessories
  • Modems and Routers
  • Home phones
  • Smart watches and fitness trackers
  • VR headsets and accessories
  • Telstra TV set top boxes
  • UPS Power Supply for Telstra Smart Modems.

How to delete your data

This a crucial first step in recycling. Be sure all data is permanently wiped from your device before it’s picked up or dropped off. The recycling process doesn’t include data wiping, only destruction.

Top tips before bringing or sending in a device for recycling

  1. Erase personal info

  2. Disable your phone

  3. Remove the SIM card

  4. Restore factory settings

Can't get in to a Telstra store?

Use our eParcel option to package the devices you have at home (up to 15kg) that have reached their end of life. 

You can even trade in your old mobile phone

Another great way to help the planet (and earn yourself some extra bill credit) is to trade in your old mobile phone. We'll give you an estimate of what your old phone is worth, and if it's eligible for the program, we'll add credit to your bill.

You must be a Telstra consumer or small business customer aged 18+ and have a post-paid service with us. Devices on Telstra Mobile Lease Plans are ineligible for trade-in.

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