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Gigabytes that
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Get 2GB Data Pack for just
$15 or a 5GB Data Pack for $35.

Data for use in Australia.
Additional Data charged at $10/GB.

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Keeping Data Simple

We want to help you stay on top of all your data needs. Our aim is to be transparent about how we apply and charge for data. Why? So you can make the most of your mobile or tablet data with these easy options, at an affordable price.

Data with your plan

Your mobile plan comes with an included data allowance. We’ll send you an SMS or email alert once you’ve used 50%, 85% and 100% of your allowance.

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Data Packs

Need more data? Add one of our great value Data Packs to your plan. Get 2GB for $15, 5GB for $35 or a whopping 8GB for $55. Data for use in Australia.

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Extra Data

Data automatically added when you need it. Do more on your mobile or tablet for just $10 per 1GB.


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Data with your plan

When you selected your plan it came with an included data allowance. This allowance is yours to use each month. However, we realise it’s not always easy to predict how much data you’ll need. That’s why we’ve created great value Data Packs to top up with if you need to.

And just so you know, you can also share your data with another device by visiting Data Share.

Data Packs

Data Packs offer great value and peace of mind for an ongoing monthly charge. Each Data Pack includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to eligible numbers in Australia when calling from Australia.

Our Data Packs are flexible and can be added or removed at any time. When you activate a Data Pack, you’ll receive the full allowance and be charged the full amount for that billing period. A Data Pack will incur a monthly charge until you remove it from your service.

Extra Data

If you exhaust your included data allowance, plus any Data Pack that you’ve added, Extra Data will then come into effect, giving you automatic top-ups in blocks of 1GB at $10 each.

Extra Data is for those who occasionally exceed their data allowance and has been enabled for most eligible plans, including all new mobile plans.

While we recommend Data Packs for better value, it’s good to know that Extra Data is there in case you need it.

How we apply mobile data

Managing your data usage

One the ways to keep on top of your data usage is to register for My Account, which is perfect for desktops and laptops. Another option is to download the Telstra 24x7 App to your smart device.

My Account

Telstra 24x7 app

We’ll keep you informed

We’ll keep you informed

We’ll continue to send you data usage alerts by SMS or email when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly data allowance, even after you’ve added a Data Pack to your current plan. And if you have Extra Data, we’ll also alert you every time a 1GB block is automatically added to your plan.