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Australia’s miners know how to harness the power of technology to drive day-to-day productivity and efficiencies. But when it comes to seizing the opportunities of tomorrow, many organisations are still working with yesterday’s systems and tools.

Unearth the latest thinking on the future of mine site communications and how they can help you equip your organisation for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Make the most use of your resources

In the current mining environment boom, resource companies face significant challenges. Fortunately, Telstra’s powerful ICT resources can help enhance productivity by automating processes, streamlining operations and achieving greater visibility, control and collaboration.

By deploying our solutions you have the opportunity to be more cost-efficient, make better use of your expertise and assets, increase uptime, attract the best staff, and promote safety.

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Partnering with us means

Superior tracking graphic

Superior tracking

With our dedicated, high bandwidth Ethernet network, you can view data and video to remotely monitor and control operations in real time.

cost effective training graphic

Cost-effective training

Train or induct new staff online to save the cost and downtime of travel.

Faster response times graphic

Faster response times

Link via video to experts across the country or the globe to resolve business issues or technical faults.

Better care graphic

Better care

Use video conferencing to access expert advice on the spot. Staff can also review safety and emergency procedures via web or video.

Improved worker satisfaction graphic

Improved worker satisfaction

Provide quality communication and media services to connect workers to family, friends and entertainment from remote sites.

Optimised driver performance graphic

Optimised driver performance

Optimise vehicle use, reduce travel times, monitor driving habits, and help ensure the safety of drivers, by immediately alerting you to schedule anomalies.

improved vehicle and equipment graphic

Improved vehicle operation and equipment availability

Telstra machine-to-machine solutions can help you monitor your vehicles and business assets remotely.

Improved surveillance graphic

Improved surveillance

Use remote IP monitoring including video surveillance to improve security of sites and ensure mine equipment is operating properly.

Projects initiated graphic

Projects initiated faster

Set up mobile voice and data communications at temporary sites to begin operations from day one.

Connect mine sites, transport systems, pipelines, machines and people to create an agile business

Escalating production costs, environmental concerns, skilled-labour shortages, safety, and managing dispersed operations are among today’s big challenges for mining and resource companies. In addition to this, unstable financial and commodity markets are putting extra pressure on the resource sector.

To keep companies buoyant and profitable in this tough climate, Telstra is working to find efficiencies across the board by enabling more connected, automated and collaborative mining and resource companies. In Greenfield sites, we have a strong track record for providing rapid, reliable data communications where network coverage doesn’t exist through satellite and mobile network base stations.

Once production is underway, we have the bandwidth to cope with large volumes of data transmitted from workers, transport systems, machine and mine operations to provide operational intelligence. And we have specialist solutions that include Smart Mine designed to help companies automate their mine sites, and monitor control equipment and vehicles remotely, as well as providing workers with pay TV, online payment facilities, movies, entertainment and high speed Internet.

To ensure the most value from our customer engagements, we have designed a vision blueprint for connected mining and resources. The result is a resilient communications environment that connects remote sites, transport systems, railways, pipelines, machinery and people to each other and a central control centre to improve efficiency, safety and productivity.

mining vision infographic

Our solutions

Telstra LANES® Enterprise

High-performance connectivity across both dedicated and shared 4G/LTE spectrum

Resources Network Management

Reducing network management complexity for the Resources sector.

Case studies


Arrium - Network (Managed Data)

Arrium used our Next IP® and Next G®networks to overcome a significant ICT challenge and allow new mine sites to become operational in weeks rather than months.


Komatsu Australia

In adopting our cloud computing services, Komatsu Australia gained access to a seamless, real-time solution that was available 24/7.


OZ Minerals

Our Network Computing Services have provided a flexible platform to access the very latest technology at relatively low cost.


BGC Contracting

We helped BGC Contracting to deploy the Cisco cloud collaboration solution to make their operations more agile, productive and innovative.


Connecting a remote workforce 

BGC implemented Telstra Cloud Collaboration by Cisco to improve communications and security, and provide scalability for growth.


The benefits of video telephony

BGC Contracting uses Telstra Cloud Collaboration by Cisco as a cost-effective and better way to communicate with remote staff


Increasing savings, safety and productivity

With Telstra Cloud Collaboration by Cisco, BGC now enjoys substantial savings, better communications and increased safety and productivity.



BOC is Australia's largest supplier of industrial gas. They implemented a new point-of-sale mobile app solution (MyAgent Mobile) which was delivered by Telstra. The implementation has dramatically improved retail sales productivity, and cut transaction times from 10 to 2 minutes, saving 32,000 hours in labour time per annum.

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