Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

    • 5G
    • 4GX
    • Blue Tick approval for best possible voice coverage in rural areas

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      Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

      Three Galaxy A52s 5G phones fanned out, two seen from the front and two seen from the rear. Text on image  says Galaxy A52s 5G.
      *Image simulated for illustrative purpose.
      **Colour availability may vary depending on country or carrier.
      ***Galaxy A52s 5G is rated as IP67. Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1 metre of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Please refer to user manual for further information including how to properly care for your device.

      Awesome 5G, awesome speed

      On the next-generation mobile data network, the power of 5G fast speeds changes the way you experience and share content — from super smooth gaming and streaming, to seriously fast sharing and downloading. Upgrade to the Galaxy A52s 5G and speed up your smartphone experience.

      Galaxy A52s 5G seen from the front with 5G on the display. Colourful streaks of light surround it to represent fast 5G speeds.
      *Available on selected plans on eligible 5G networks. Current availability is limited to major capital city CBDs and other select high traffic areas. Actual speeds achievable will vary depending on service availability and other factors.

      Awesome screen, super smooth scrolling

      Feast your eyes on vibrant details with the FHD+ Super AMOLED display, reaching up to 800 nits1 for clarity even in bright daylight. Eye Comfort Shield2 lowers blue light, and Super Smooth keeps the view smooth, whether you're gaming or scrolling. All on the expansive 6.5-inch Infinity-O Display.

      Galaxy A52s 5G seen from the front. Image on screen of a paddle boarder on a tropical island.  The image spills beyond the edge of the screen  to represent the screen's immersive view. Text with image says: Super Smooth, Brightness 800 nits and Eye Comfort Shield, with the SGS logo.
      *Images simulated for illustrative purposes.
      **Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.5"" in the full rectangle and 6.3"" accounting for the rounded corners. Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and the camera hole.
      1. When adaptive brightness is set ‘On’ in the setting. When the display is exposed to over 20,000 lux as recognised by the brightness sensor of the phone, such as under environments with lots of ambient light or direct sunlight, it may increase up to 800nits brightness. The brightness values measured by the sensor may differ depending on the angle of light.
      2. Galaxy A52s 5G (SM-A528)'s display received Eye Care Certification by SGS based on its ability to reduce the harmful effects of blue light. This certification can be found on

      Setting a new standard for stunning design

      Behold the comfortable, sleek curves on Galaxy A52s 5G's seamless design. The minimal camera housing blends in with the matte finish on the rear for an iconic, almost unibody look. Express your style with four trendsetting colours: Awesome Violet and Awesome Black.

      Galaxy A52s 5G in Awesome Violet, seen from multiple angles to show the design: rear, front, side and close-up on the rear camera.
      *Colour availability may vary by country or carrier.

      See it in 360°

      Galaxy A52s 5G in Awesome Violet seen from the front with a colourful wallpaper onscreen. It spins slowly, showing the display, then the smooth rounded side of the phone with the SIM tray, then the matte finish and the minimal camera housing on the rear and comes to a stop at the front view again.

      Awesome Violet

      Galaxy A52s 5G in Awesome Black seen from the front with a colourful wallpaper onscreen. It spins slowly, showing the display, then the smooth rounded side of the phone with the SIM tray, then the matte finish and the minimal camera housing on the rear and comes to a stop at the front view again.

      Awesome Black

      Awesome camera, always sharp and steady

      Galaxy A52s 5G multi-lens camera system takes photos to the next level. Go ultra high-res on the 64MP Main Camera with OIS for crisp, clear photos throughout the day. Expand the viewing angle with Ultra Wide Camera. Customise focus with Depth Camera, or get closer to the details with Macro Camera.

      A close-up of advanced Quad Camera. Text on screen highlights the following camera features: Macro Camera 5MP (F2.4). Ultra-wide camera 12 MP (F2.2). Main camera 64MP (F1.8) OIS. Depth camera 5MP (F2.4).
      *OIS : Optical Image Stabilisation

      Capture details even in low light with OIS

      Say bye to blurry photos and videos. OIS** (Optical Image Stabilisation) helps stabilise your shots to keep motion smooth and stills crisp — even when it's low light. The camera pulls in more light to brighten up your low light shots.

      Galaxy A52s 5G capturing a birthday dinner party in low light.
      *Images simulated for illustrative purposes. OIS available on the rear camera only.
      ** **Optical Image Stabilisation feature supported for rear camera only.

      Level up your snaps with Fun mode

      Try out the popular Snapchat Lenses built in to Galaxy A52s 5G’s camera. With Fun mode, you can apply AR filters to decorate your photos and clips, and find new ways to express yourself before you capture the moment.

      Various screen shots of Galaxy A52s showing photos taken with Fun mode.
      *SNAPCHAT is trademark of SNAP INC. Filters from Snapchat Lenses may vary by country or region. Snapchat Lenses seen on this image simulated for illustrative purposes.
      **Actual UI may vary depending on software version on your device.

      Ultra Wide Camera, ultra wide experiences

      The 12MP Ultra Wide Camera sees the world with a 123-degree angle of view, adding more perspective to everything you shoot.

      Landscape photo of people on a beach taken in Ultra wide mode.
      *Images simulated for illustrative purposes.
      **Ultra wide experience (photo/video) is supported for rear camera only.

      Macro Camera pays attention to the tiny details

      An extreme close-up of a chocolate cake taken with Macro camera and showing fine details.

      Get in close with the 5MP Macro Camera and bring out the ultra-fine details in your picture. It applies natural bokeh effect to your pictures, allowing your subject to stand out from the background.

      *Images simulated for illustrative purposes.
      **Macro Camera feature supported for rear camera only.

      Ready, Super Steady, go

      In Super Steady mode, Galaxy A52s 5G keeps your videos looking smooth and stable. It records like a high-quality action camera, utilizing the Ultra Wide Camera and predictive software.

      A person on a bike with another person running behind them and pushing. In front of this is a hand holding Galaxy A52s 5G with the camera interface onscreen. The scene in the display is clearer than the scene outside of the display, depicting how Super Steady allows video to be captured smoothly even if the subject is in motion.
      *Images simulated for illustrative purposes.
      **Results may vary depending on light condition and/or shooting conditions including multiple subjects, being out of focus, or moving subjects.
      ***Does not support zoom function.
      ****Only available when shooting with the Ultra Wide Camera in Full HD.

      Bring the focus to the front with Depth Camera

      The 5MP Depth Camera lets you adjust the depth of field in your photos. With a simple touch, you can easily fine-tune the background blur behind your subject for high-quality portrait shots that truly stand out.

      Photo taken with Depth Camera to demonstrate depth of field adjustments. Woman in foreground is in focus while background is blurred.
      *Images simulated for illustrative purposes. Depth Camera feature supported on rear camera only.

      High-resolution Front Camera, superstar selfies

      A selfie of a woman.

      Galaxy A52s 5G's 32MP front camera snaps clear, high-resolution selfies throughout the day. And with bokeh effect to gently blur the background, you become the star of the show.

      *Images simulated for illustrative purposes.

      Now spill, splash and splatter resistant

      Rated IP67 for water and dust resistance,1 you can worry less if your phone gets a little wet.


      1. Galaxy A52s 5G is rated as IP67. Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Please refer to user manual for further information including how to properly care for your device.
      Galaxy A52s 5G in Awesome Violet, seen from the rear with water splashing around it.

      Immersive sound in the palm of your hand

      With two speakers — one on top, one at the bottom — you can get a stereo audio experience without earphones. Take movie night or your favorite games to the next level with Dolby Atmos immersing you at the center of the story.

      A person holding Galaxy A52s 5G in landscape mode with a movie onscreen. Soundwave graphics  either side of the phone represent stereo speakers.  Dolby Atmos logo below image.
      *Source content must be Dolby Atmos® enabled for Dolby Atmos® playback

      Awesome battery

      The 4,500mAh (typical)2 battery gives you more time to do what you love—streaming, sharing, gaming and more. AI power management detects and adjusts to your mobile usage habits for long-lasting power. And with up to 25W of Super Fast Charging, Galaxy A52s 5G gets back to full power, quickly.

      Front view of Galaxy A52s 5G with stylised graphic timeline representing time passing from sunrise to sundown to indicate long battery life.. Text with image says: 4500mAh (typical).
      *25W Super Fast Charging charger sold separately.
      ** Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 4,370mAh.
      *** Estimated against the usage profile of an average/typical user. ures and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged, and other factors. Please see user manual for instructions on how to care for the battery and achieve optimum battery life.

      Awesome performance to do more at once

      Whether you're doing one task or multitasking, Galaxy A52s 5G’s got a big boost in performance. The advanced Octa-core processor has faster CPU and GPU than before¹, and up to 6GB RAM delivers speed. Store more and delete less with 128GB internal storage and add up to 1TB more via microSD card.

      *RAM and internal memory capacity may vary by country. Actual storage available may vary depending on pre-installed software.
      **MicroSD card sold separately.
      ★Please select and apply one footnote after checking the comparison target according to the product released in each country.
      1. Compared to Galaxy A52 5G
      Illustration of a processor chip..

      Game Booster gives you the edge

      Maximize performance with Game Booster. Cut distractions and up your game with a dedicated interface and easy-to-reach menu. Frame Booster gives graphics smooth, life-like motion. And play at your best as Game Booster learns your usage patterns to optimise battery, temperature and memory.

      Galaxy A52s 5G with video game on screen. Text with image lists Game Booster features: Temperature. Memory. Battery time.
      *Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.
      **Game Booster compatibility may vary by game.

      Protect what matters to you

      Built into the phone's hardware and software from the start, Samsung Knox protects your phone from the minute it's turned on. Offering multi-layered security, it defends your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats.

      A diagrammatic representation of the Samsung Knox layers of security which are listed with text on the image: Container, SE for Android, TIMA* Knox Verified Boot and Hardware Root of Trust. Further text with image says: Secure.  Samsung Knox logo.
      *Trustzone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture.

      Secure with a simple touch

      The Galaxy A52s 5G on-screen fingerprint sensor recognises your unique fingerprint, allowing you an easy and secure way to unlock your phone. And with Samsung Pass biometric authentication services, your fingerprint provides a faster, safer authentication method for app and website login. 

      *Web log-in feature of Samsung Pass is only available in Samsung Internet.
      **Compatibility and availability of Samsung Pass functions and features may vary depending on apps.
      Galaxy A52s 5G seen from the front with  showing the on-screen fingerprint sensor.

      Optimised for your ease

      A front view of device, displaying Notification and Quick panel .

      Enjoy smooth motion and a delightful design on One UI. Optimised for any screen size, it lets you focus on what matters in a comfortable and intuitive way. One UI lets you customise your phone to suit your tastes and fully enjoy your comfortable Galaxy experience.

      *Availability of One UI features, apps and services may vary depending on device, OS version and country.
      **Device and screen image simulated for illustrative purposes.

      An awesome Android™ experience, always

      Get the latest Google apps on Android OS, fully supported on your Galaxy A52s 5G.

      *Availability of Google apps may vary depending on country or language.
      **Google, Android, Google Play, YouTube and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.
      Icons of Google apps installed on Galaxy A52s 5G  : Play Store, YouTube, Assistant, Maps, Google, Chrome, Gmail, Photos.

      Use Galaxy Buds Pro to level up your Galaxy A52s 5G experience

      Buds Pro in their case  with a Galaxy A52s 5G on either side, front and back view.
      *Galaxy Buds Pro sold separately.

      Find your Galaxy Buds Pro easily with SmartThings Find

      A Buds Pro lost in the corner of a couch. A location icon is on the Buds Pro.

      Once you've registered your Galaxy Buds Pro with SmartThings, you can easily find them should you misplace them or accidentally place them where they're hard to locate.

      A Buds Pro lost in the corner of a couch. A location icon is on the Buds Pro.

      Always at your Service, wherever, whenever

      Enjoy peace of mind when you choose to buy a Galaxy smartphone. The Interactive diagnostics and optimisation on Samsung Members app makes it easy to tune up the performance of your devices, while our helpline lets you troubleshoot problems when you need the extra assistance.

      A woman using her Galaxy A52s 5G. Text with image says: Automatic checks, Interactive checks, Clean memory and Optimise settings.
      *The available functions and features for Samsung Members app may vary by country and device.
      **Device and screen image simulated for illustrative purposes.

      Meet the new Galaxy A. Awesome is for everyone.

      Four Galaxy A52s 5G fanned out. One faces forward with image of woman and word 'Awesome' on screen.


      Brand Samsung
      Model Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
      Display 6.5 inches
      Storage 128 GB
      Cameras Rear 64MP (Main), 5MP (Depth), 12MP ( UltraWide ), 5MP (Macro) Front 32
      Battery 4,500 mAh
      RAM 6 GB
      Quick Charging Yes
      Operating System Android 11
      Network Support 4GX Yes
      Network Support 5G Yes
      Fingerprint Sensor Yes
      Telstra Blue Tick Yes


      Processor Qualcomm SM7325
      RAM 6 GB


      Width 75.1 mm
      Height 159.9 mm
      Thickness 8.4 mm
      Weight 189 grams
      Waterproof Yes
      Waterproof Rating IP67


      Display Type 6.5" Infinity O Display
      Screen Size 6.5 inches
      Screen Resolution 2400 x 1080 pixels
      Touch Screen Yes


      Internal Memory 128 GB
      Expandable Memory Yes
      Maximum Expandable Memory Micro SD up to 1000 GB


      Quick Charging Yes
      Capacity 4,500 mAh
      Talktime Up to 36 hrs (4G) hours


      NFC Yes
      4G Network 4G: 700/850/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
      5G Network 5G: 3500 MHz (n78), 850MHz (n5)
      SIM Size Nano

      Accessibility features

      This Samsung A52s 5G also has a range of leading accessibility features. View accessibility features

      This phone is Telstra Blue Tick certified. That means it’s certified to give superior voice coverage in rural and regional areas.

      How do we test phones for Blue Tick?

      We do most of our testing in purpose-built facilities. Here we can simulate exactly how a new phone would perform as if it were being held in your hand on the very edge of a coverage area.
      We seal the handsets in our specialised echo-free chamber to ensure the tests are accurate. We then take the handset out into rural areas to replicate these test results. That way we can be certain that only the best-performing phones are awarded the Blue Tick.
      Read more about Telstra Blue Tick

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      Data usage

      This plan comes with a data allowance to use in Australia. You won’t be charged if you go over your monthly data allowance. Instead, you can continue to access data up to speeds of 1.5Mbps. 1.5mbps isn’t suitable for HD video or high-speed applications, and means that some web pages, social media content and files may take longer to load). In addition, heavy data users (users in the top 1% of all data users) may experience slower speeds than other users during busy periods. The speeds you actually receive may vary depending on a range of factors including your device, location, number of users and download sources. Your data allowance is for personal use in a smartphone or tablet in Australia only and the FairPlay Policy applies.

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      30 minutes of international calls and unlimited international SMS, to all countries, are included in our Upfront Mobile plans. Once you’ve used the 30 minutes, you can add an International Calling Pack to your plan from $10 per month. You can add or remove it at any time in the My Telstra app. International Calling Pack includes an allowance of calls from Australia to standard international numbers in eligible destinations. View eligible destinations here.

      International roaming

      The only way to use your service overseas is by purchasing an International Roaming day pass. You can purchase an International Roaming day pass at $5 per day in New Zealand, or $10 per day in more than 70 eligible countries. Day pass Zone 1 and 2 packs include 500MB of data to use per day as well as unlimited talk and text. Usage expires at the end of a 24-hour day pass period. If you go over your 500MB, you can add an additional 1GB for $10 for use within 31 days. A day pass is triggered whenever a call is made or received, an SMS is sent or if any mobile data is used in an eligible destination.

      If you’re travelling to a destination where our International Roaming day pass isn’t available, you cannot use your Telstra service.

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      Telstra Trade-In is managed by Assurant Services Australia Pty Ltd. To be eligible for Trade-In, you must be a Telstra consumer or small business customer aged 18+, with a post-paid service and have a device, tablet or smartwatch with us on an Upfront plan or with an existing 13-digit account number. Not available to customers with a ten-digit account number or Upgrade & Protect. Devices on Telstra Mobile Lease plans are ineligible. You may only trade in a device, tablet or smartwatch from Assurant’s list of eligible devices. The credit offer will vary depending on your device, tablet or smartwatch type, model and its working condition, and is subject to assessment. Credit applied by second bill, or to a nominated credit/debit card within 30 days for Upfront Mobile plans. For more details check the Trade-In page.

      Telstra Plus

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