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your bill

Have questions about your bill? We’ve put together some information to help you understand it better.


The first page of your bill

Your bill’s first page shows your account balance, as well as how and when to pay it. It also gives you a brief history of your account and lets you know where to find help if you need it.

  1. Your account and billing info including the amount due, due date and any overdue amount.
  2. A summary of your current bill and past payments.
  3. The bill history lets you compare your spend over the last three months and shows the average of your last twelve bills.
  4. You’ll find contact options here if you need any help.
  5. You can choose from a range of payment options shown here. You’ll find your payment slip on the second page of your bill.

Summary of charges for all services

  1. This credit is applied if you’ve paid a part-month in advance on an old plan.
  2. This charge is for your new plan. It includes a part-month charge from when your new plan commenced to the billing date, plus the next month in advance. This also includes fees for any usage not included in the plan allowance.
  3. Green and blue arrows in the Previous Month column show if you have spent more (blue) or less (green) than your previous bill.

Changing plans and pro rata billing

Your plan is charged one month in advance, and you’ll receive your first bill within the first month of connection.

If you have an existing Telstra account, your billing date won’t change. If you’re new to Telstra, your billing date is likely to be different to your connection date, as it will be in line with Telstra’s regular billing cycles.

In the example below, the new mobile plan was started on 28 July, and the billing month commenced on 14 August. The billing month is when your plan’s call and data allowance resets.

  1. A quick summary of your plan inclusions.
  2. On your first bill, or if you change your plan, you’ll see charges for a part month, plus a full billing month.
  3. Any handset repayments are shown here. The amount of the handset repayment depends on your chosen plan and device.
  4. Any discounts to offset the cost of a handset are shown here as credits. The amount of the credits depends on your chosen plan and device.
  5. This is the total cost for this service for the billing period.

Credits and adjustments

Any adjustments or credits may take up to two billing cycles to process, so they may only appear in your next bill. You’ll find your credit labelled as ‘Adjustment’ against the service it applies to, or under the ‘Account Charges & Credits’ section.

Credits and adjustments

Connection fees

When you connect to a new service with Telstra, you may be charged an installation or activation fee to cover the work associated with the connection. There’ll also be a temporary connection charge if you connect your service for 3 months or less, which is applied when the service is cancelled.

Here’s an example of connection charges as they appear on a bill.

Telstra Business Systems

If your installation required a visit from a technician, you may be charged a Fee For Service. Fee For Service is work that’s completed by a technician for things like extra sockets and wiring at your premises, or complex connections.


You may also be charged a connection fee for your Broadband or BizEssentials service. This will appear on your bill as pictured. Any associated hardware will also be charged, and any discounts applied will appear adjacent to these charges.


Telstra Business Systems repayments

The Telstra Business Systems (TBS) Repayment Option allows you to pay for your TBS phone system equipment through payments added to your Telstra bill. You’ll find these charges at the end of the Your Bill section.

TBS Repayments

Priority 1300 and 1800

Telstra’s Inbound Services provide you with a single number that customers can call to contact your business. You’ll be charged a fee on the Answering Number(s) that you select for calls answered.

Priority 1300

Telstra Business Broadband early termination fee

A cancellation fee is charged if you cancel your plan before the end of the contract.

Early Termination Fees

Late payment fee

If you don’t pay your bill by the due date, you may incur a Late Payment Fee. Late Payment Fees apply to overdue balances of $70 or more and are applied as a flat $15 fee.

Late payment fee

Want a printable bill explainer? Download the recontracting or new mobile version.

Shared Data SIM

If you find a mobile number on your bill that you don’t recognise and have recently changed plans, this could be your 100MB Data Share SIM which is included in the Go Business Mobile plan.The Data Share SIM can be used in a compatible tablet or mobile broadband device, and it shares its data allowance with other eligible services on your account.

Shared Data Sim

Welcome Credits

If you’ve taken up a new eligible plan with Telstra, you may have been offered Welcome Credits. These will be applied to your account as a one-off credit no later than your third bill.

Welcome credits

Changing your mobile plan and pro rata charges

When you recontract or change plans, your next bill will have charges for both the old and new plans.

  1. In the example above, the new mobile plan started on 20 July. Because you paid a month in advance for your old plan on the last bill, part of the month’s charges are rebated here.
  1. You’ll then see the charges for your new plan, for a part month and a month in advance.
  2. Any handset repayments will be displayed in this section.
  3. Any discounts to offset the cost of a handset will be displayed as credits.

Service cancellation and mobile repayment cancellation amount

A cancellation fee is charged if you cancel your plan and/or repayment before the end of the contract. You’ll also have to pay any remaining handset repayments if you took up a Mobile Repayment Option, and will no longer be eligible for any discounts associated with the device. You may be required to pay any cancellation amounts as a lump sum

Service cancellation

Late payment fee

If we don’t receive payment by the due date, you may incur a Late Payment Fee. Late Payment Fees apply to overdue balances of $70 or more and are applied as a flat $15 fee.

Late payment

Premium mobile content & third party charges

Premium Mobile Content and Third Party Charges are digital content accessed from your mobile phone, either via Premium SMS or through Telstra Carrier Billing. The content is provided by third parties and includes items such as ringtones, games, navigation services and music streaming. You’ll need to contact the third party provider for more information on the charges. Contact details are provided on your bill.

Find out more

Third part charges