Why are my paper bills changing to electronic bills?

As a technology company we encourage you to interact with us digitally. The best way to do that is through the My Telstra app, where you can manage your account, pay for your services, access support easily and much more.

We understand that some circumstances may require a paper bill copy, so we're still offering this option for a fee of $2.20 per copy. From 17 June 2024, this fee will increase from $2.20 to $2.50 (some exemptions apply).

How much will I be charged for a paper bill?

If you would like a paper bill copy sent to you, it will cost you $2.20 per copy which includes GST. From 17 June, this fee will increase to $2.50 including GST.

Important: If you receive your bill in alternate formats such as A3 or Braille, you can continue to receive your bill in these formats and will not be charged of a fee.

How can I avoid paying for a paper bill copy?

You can easily switch to email bill copies:

  1. Log in to this form using your Telstra ID (My Telstra username and Password)
  2. Fill in the form with your details and submit.

We will process your request and notify you once the switch to email billing has been completed.

Important: You may be assigned a new account number as part of the conversion – please make sure to confirm the details on your email bill are correct before making a payment.

I receive Braille or large format A3 bills, do I have to move to email bill?

If you receive your bill in alternative formats such as A3 or Braille, you can continue to receive your bill in these formats and will not be charged a fee. Call us on 13 20 00 if you require a bill in either of these formats to discuss your options.

What happens once I request a transition to email billing?

Here’s what you need to be aware of:

  1. Requests for email billing transition may take up to a month to be processed. This means that you may receive a paper bill copy before your transition to email billing is finalised. You can also view and manage your bills online.
  2. If you have a mobile plan and request email billing, your account number will change as part of the transition. It is important that you check any payment details listed on your bill before making payment from your email bill as these details may change, especially when paying via BPAY or direct debit. Payment options
  3. If you have an automatic direct debit arrangement in place you will need to update your payment details to reflect your new account number and details.
  4. As part of being assigned a new account number you may see charges that appear to be larger than normal due to part month charges. This is to align your billing date in our systems (if required) and will only occur once as part of this transition.
  5. You may receive a final bill for your old account number. Any amount owing will need to be paid as per normal. If there is a credit on the account over $5 in value, we will arrange a refund for you within 60 days.

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