Why have I received a final bill?

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    There are three reasons why you may receive a final bill from Telstra:

    • You have cancelled all of your services with us, or
    • We have cancelled your services due to non-payment of your bill
    • You have recently switched to an Upfront Plan and have received a bill for your old plan for the billing period that has just passed.

    Frequently asked questions

    Your final bill will show any outstanding credits, and any outstanding amounts you need to pay before your account can be closed off. It will also show any early termination charges that apply.

    You can pay any outstanding amounts using your preferred payment method.

    For Upfront Mobile and Data Plans

    The final bill closes out your old services for the billing period that has just passed. 

    The final bill may include charges for outstanding device repayments, or your account may be in credit to reimburse part month charges.

    When an account is closed in credit, we'll be in touch to explain the process. You'll also see a message in My Telstra prompting you to request a refund.

    You’ll receive a refund cheque at your address in approximately four weeks on any applicable credit or refund of more than $4.99 and up to $250. For any applicable credit or refund less than $4.99 or more than $250, you’ll need to contact us.

    We send your final bill by post to your address so that you have a physical copy to keep for your records. 

    Make sure the postal address on your account is current – you can update your address details in your profile in My Telstra.

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