What are early termination charges?

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    If you want to cancel your service before your contract end date, you’ll need to pay any remaining device, handset and accessory payments associated with that cancelled service.

    If you’re unsure whether this affects your contract, go to check my contract details for a quick round-up of any fees associated with cancelling your account.

    The Critical Information Summary (CIS) for your service outlines any early termination charges for your contract excluding any remaining handset and accessory payments. These fees decrease each month you stay on your plan.

    To check your contract details for early termination charges or CIS, use the tool above.

    Frequently asked questions

    If you want to move to an upfront mobile plan before your current contract end date, you'll need to pay any remaining device, handset and accessory payments associated with that service as a one off payment when you change plans.

    If you receive a bill for your mobile service, this charge will appear on your next bill (which may be your final bill), and you’ll have up to 14 days to pay.

    If you pay by AutoPay and receive a digital receipt for your mobile service, you'll receive a separate 'pay it later invoice' and you'll have up to 10 working days to pay.

    Early termination charges apply to the following plans and packages.

    Mobile or tablet plans signed up to before 25 June 2019

    • Cancel your service before your contract end date
    • Change your plan before your contract end date
    • Change to a non-eligible plan before your contract end date
    • Move your service to a Pre-Paid or casual plan before you contract end date.

    Mobile or tablet plans signed up to after 25 June 2019

    • Cancel or end your Device Payment Contract.

    Telstra packages

    • Cancel package within the minimum term
    • Cancel within the first 3 months and you’ll also incur $100 temporary connection fee
    • Charged for the remaining amount for any included hardware, like Telstra TV or a Telstra modem
    • Charged any remaining Hardware Repayment Options associated with your package
    • Change your package before your contract end date.

    A Device Payment Contract (DPC) lets you pay off your mobile or tablet in interest-free monthly repayments over 12, 24 or, for eligible devices, 36 months, but only if you’ve signed up for a mobile or data plan after 25 June 2019. Some devices may not have a 36-month repayment option.

    If you decide to disconnect your plan or end your DPC, you’ll be required to pay the balance of your remaining device repayments in one final payment.

    Check your remaining DPC balance

    Sign in to My Telstra to view the cost to cancel your plan today.

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