Pre-Paid eSIM Plans

Connect your new Pre-Paid eSIM in minutes.

With eSIM, you can have your new Pre-Paid service up and running in minutes (not days as with a physical SIM).
Services being transferred from other carriers may take up to four hours.

Why eSIM

Faster connection

Buy, activate, and manage eSIM without visiting a store or waiting for delivery.

Multiple numbers

No need to carry multiple devices so you can juggle work and personal life.

Caring for the planet

eSIM eliminates plastic, packaging and the transport of a physical SIM card.

Do it all in the app

Manage, purchase and activate an eSIM in the My Telstra app.

Compatible devices

Most phones produced post 2020 are eSIM compatible (or dual SIM). Devices purchased overseas may not be eSIM compatible.

Device not eSIM compatible? See our Pre-Paid plans that include a physical SIM.

Pre-Paid eSIM plans

How to connect an eSIM

  1. Download the My Telstra app

  2. Purchase eSIM plan

  3. Activate and install

Frequently asked questions 

eSIM (embedded SIM) technology is replacing the need for traditional plastic SIM cards. It’s a digital way of storing your network service on compatible devices, that’s faster, simpler and more environmentally friendly.   

An eSIM profile is digital information you need to download to your eSIM-enabled device to access Telstra’s mobile network.

Telstra’s Pre-Paid and post-paid plans are available on eSIM, providing you have a compatible eSIM-enabled device.  

Most phones manufactured post 2020 come with eSIM and there are also other devices that support eSIM such as wearables, laptops and tablets. Please check compatibility on your device manufacturer’s website.

View compatible eSIM-enabled devices.

No. Switching from a physical SIM to an eSIM doesn’t impact your plan, mobile number or Pre-Paid credit.  

Yes. If your Telstra plan includes 5G network access and your device is 5G compatible, you can access Telstra's 5G network when you’re in Telstra 5G coverage areas.    

A Telstra ID allows you to securely manage your services, track your usage and more in the My Telstra app

To link your service through My Telstra: 

  1. Sign in with your Telstra ID
  2. Go to Services
  3. Scroll to Can’t see one of your services?
  4. Go to Get help and follow the prompts. 

You need to have iOS13 or later, to use eSIM. Not all iPhone models are eSIM-enabled so check the Apple website.   

Using an eSIM can eliminate the CO2 emissions involved in manufacture, warehousing, and delivery of a physical plastic SIM.   

If your device has a physical SIM and eSIM, or multiple eSIM profiles, it can use up to two mobile services at the same time. By purchasing multiple Telstra Pre-Paid or post-paid Upfront, services, you can make and receive calls and texts with two different mobile numbers and use mobile data, with two separate plans on the same device. The plans do not need to be identical and can be a combination of Pre-Paid and Upfront if you choose.   

Dual SIM requirements, functionality and operation may be different depending on the device model. It’s a good idea to check first by going to the device manufacturer’s website. 

No. eSIM is digital SIM technology available on compatible devices that allows you to use a Telstra mobile plan without requiring a physical SIM card. Dual SIM devices support two mobile services at the same time. Some dual SIM devices also come with eSIM technology, and vice versa, but not all. 

Dual SIM is a capability your device may support, allowing it to support up to two mobile services. eSIM is an embedded SIM that’s built into a compatible device. Your unique eSIM profile can be digitally downloaded using the My Telstra app or an eSIM card if you are using a Telstra Upfront plan. 

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