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    How do I know if my device is eSIM compatible?

    You can check our list of compatible devices or look for an EID number on your device. If it appears, your device is eSIM compatible.

    An EID is a 32-digit number on your device that confirms your device supports an eSIM. To find your EID:

    • On your smartphone, dial *#06# and find your EID
    • On your Tablet, go to Settings > About.

    If you’re still unsure, please check your device manufacturer’s website.

    Can I switch my physical SIM card to an eSIM, and vice versa?

    You can switch your existing Telstra service between a physical SIM and eSIM at any time without charge in the My Telstra app.

    Switch from physical SIM card to eSIM

    Download the My Telstra app on the device you’ll be using the plan on and go to Settings > Mobile > Transfer or restore eSIM, to switch in minutes. If you can’t access the app, contact us or find a store for more help.

    If you have an iPhone/iPad, you can convert your physical SIM to an eSIM on your device:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Mobile
    3. Select your service
    4. Convert to eSIM.

    Switch from eSIM to physical SIM card

    To switch back to a physical SIM card, you’ll need to order a replacement SIM. See Lost, stolen, or faulty device or SIM card for more information on how to order a replacement.

    Can I re-use my physical SIM after I’ve converted my plan to an eSIM?

    No. Once you've transferred your plan to an eSIM, your physical SIM card will no longer work. You can recycle it at a Telstra store, or in your household recycling.

    What is Apple eSIM Quick Transfer, and how does it work?

    eSIM Quick Transfer allows you to transfer any SIM between devices. You can also convert your current physical SIM card to an eSIM. 

    If you have an existing iPhone or iPad you can transfer your eSIM from one device to another or convert your physical SIM to an eSIM on another device. Ensure you have both devices nearby.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Mobile
    3. Add eSIM
    4. Transfer from Nearby iPhone/iPad.

    Follow the prompts to transfer your physical SIM or eSIM. Once your transfer is complete your physical SIM will no longer work. 

    Good to know: Quick Transfer only applies from iPhone to iPhone or iPad to iPad

    Can I have more than one eSIM?

    Most eSIM devices will support multiple eSIMs. However, you can only have two active eSIMs at the same time, depending on your device. Please check your device manufacturer’s specifications.

    Find more information on dual SIM and dual SIM setup.

    How do I remove the eSIM profile from my device?

    You can remove a digital eSIM profile from a device before disposing, reselling or trading in the device. A profile can be restored any time using the My Telstra app, but you can't remove it remotely.


    Removing your eSIM profile from a device does not cancel a service or charges. Contact us if you wish to cancel your service.


    To remove an eSIM profile from your device

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Choose Mobile Data or Network & Internet, depending on your phone
    3. Select the SIM or service you want to remove
    4. Go to Remove Mobile Data Plan or Erase SIM, depending on your phone.

    Steps may vary based on your operating system, so check the device manufacturer’s instructions.

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