Activate my service on eSIM

Follow the steps below to switch to or activate a service on eSIM.

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    How do I activate a new Pre-Paid service on eSIM?

    If you've got a Pre-Paid service and you purchased a SIM only, in most cases you can activate an eSIM on a compatible device in minutes using the following steps:

    1. Check your device is eSIM compatible. You can check with your device manufacturer or view eSIM compatible devices
    2. Sign in to My Telstra app onto your compatible device. You can scan the QR code directly or via your app store
    3. Go to Services and Buy a Pre-Paid plan on eSIM. Then follow the steps to purchase a service and set up your eSIM. If the 'Buy a Pre-Paid plan on eSIM' option is not shown, it’s likely your device is not eSIM compatible.

    How do I activate a new eSIM service if I bought a device with a plan?

    If you purchased a device with a Pre-Paid or post-paid plan and want to activate an eSIM, follow the steps below to switch from a physical SIM.

    I currently have a physical SIM. How do I switch and activate an eSIM?

    If you have an existing Telstra physical SIM, switching to eSIM is easy.

    1. When connected to Wi-Fi, open the My Telstra app on the device you’re moving the service to
    2. From Services, select the relevant service and Transfer or restore eSIM. If you’re on an older plan, Transfer or restore eSIM may not be shown. In this case, select the 3 dots at the top of the screen. If your device is compatible, the Transfer or restore eSIM option will be shown.

    Follow the prompts to complete eSIM activation.

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