Fix an issue with my service on eSIM

If you’re having problems getting started or using eSIM, see our troubleshooting steps below.

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    What should I do if my service has suddenly stopped working?

    Check that your eSIM hasn’t been accidently deleted or turned off. 

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Choose Mobile Data, Connections or Network & Internet, depending on your phone
    3. Select the eSIM or service you want to check
    4. Turn on your eSIM.

    Steps may vary based on your operating system, so check the device manufacturer’s instructions.

    If your SIM is no longer present or has stopped working completely, try restoring your eSIM in the My Telstra app:

    1. Open or download the My Telstra app
    2. Go to Services
    3. Set up or manage eSIM
    4. Transfer or restore eSIM and follow the prompts. 

    I’ve downloaded my eSIM profile, but my service isn’t working

    In some cases, activation may take up to four hours. In most cases your service will be ready to use within a few minutes. 

    To connect to Telstra's network, try restarting your device, or switching flight mode on and off.

    I’m having connectivity issues, is it because I’m using eSIM?

    Network coverage, the speed and quality of your mobile network connection are not influenced by SIM type. 

    SIM faults can occur but are less likely in eSIM due to protection from exposure and handling. Any connectivity issues are likely to be temporary or based on other factors.

    To check if service disruptions may be impacting your service, check for outages.

    How do I restore my service if my eSIM profile has been deleted or is missing?

    You can restore your service and eSIM profile in the My Telstra app on your eSIM-enabled device. In some cases, the restored profile activation can take up to four hours.

    In the My Telstra app

    1. Sign in to the My Telstra app with your Telstra ID
    2. Choose Get help and select Mobiles and tablets
    3. Select Manage my SIM, eSIM or device
    4. Choose Transfer or restore eSIM and select the service you want to transfer or restore. If the option doesn't appear, either you don’t have an existing Telstra service to manage, or your device is not eSIM compatible
    5. To reconnect, restart the device or switch flight mode on and off.


    • If you can’t receive a My Telstra PIN by email or SMS, you’ll need to visit a Telstra Store with photo ID for assistance. Contact us if you can’t get to a store.
    • If your Telstra ID is a Telstra username (e.g. or that you can't access, create a new Telstra ID
    • The Transfer or restore eSIM feature will be blocked for 24 hours after a series of unsuccessful attempts. Contact us for assistance.

    What should I do if my eSIM-enabled device is lost or stolen?

    If your device has been stolen, please contact us to suspend your service immediately.  

    After identifying you as an authorised person, we can block your mobile service and device from being used on any Australian mobile network. The suspension can be immediately lifted by contacting us if your phone is returned. 

    What if my phone needs to be repaired?

    If your device needs repair, you can transfer your service to an eSIM-enabled replacement device using the My Telstra app from the replacement phone.

    What if I see an error when I try to transfer or restore an eSIM in My Telstra?

    If you experience an error when trying to transfer or restore an eSIM, you may be asked to try again later. If this happens more than four times in 24 hours, please call or find a store for further assistance.

    What if I see an error when transferring from my current iPhone to eSIM on a new iPhone?

    If you're transferring your existing Telstra service to a new iPhone, you may see an error message stating that your number can't be transferred. To complete the transfer, finish setting up your new iPhone and use the Transfer or restore eSIM feature in the My Telstra app on your new phone.

    Why can’t I see the ‘Transfer or restore eSIM’ option?

    If your Telstra service is listed in the My Telstra app on an eSIM-enabled device, go to Get help > Mobiles and tablets > Manage my SIMeSIM or device.

    If Transfer or restore eSIM isn’t there, check the following:

    • Only the owner of the Telstra account for the mobile service will have the Transfer or restore eSIM option in the My Telstra app. If the account owner has added you as a full authority contact, visit a Telstra store with your device and photo ID for assistance. The account owner can add full authority contacts in the My Telstra app by going to Security settings > Account contacts, or by visiting a Telstra store with photo ID.
    • The app may need to be refreshed, even if you have the latest version. Try updating, or removing and re-installing the My Telstra app on your device. If Transfer or restore eSIM still doesn’t appear, take your device and photo ID into a Telstra store.

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