International Roaming on Telstra Prepaid Plans

Go overseas. Stay under budget.

Telstra Pre-Paid International Roaming makes it cheaper and easier than ever to roam.

Pre-Paid International Roaming Packs

Get data for overseas, plus some calls and texts to keep in touch. You can use your Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack across 35 eligible countries.

You can choose a pack with the data and expiry time to suit your itinerary. And the longer you’re connected overseas, the more value you get.

Pre-Paid International Roaming Packs

Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack

Just the ticket if you’re going on a budget-style holiday. Available in 38 countries.


valid for 3 days
  • 400MB data allowance
  • 15 SMS or MMS
  • 15 mins worth of calls


valid for 7 days
  • 2GB data allowance
  • 25 SMS or MMS
  • 25 mins worth of calls


valid for 14 days
  • 4GB data allowance
  • 50 SMS or MMS
  • 50 mins worth of calls

Easy to buy. Easy to use.

We recommend you don’t buy before you leave. Your Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack is triggered the day you purchase it (not when you start using it), and the expiry date is set from the purchase date.

Before you fly.

Download the MyTelstra app from the App Store / Google Play and sign in - it's free to use overseas, and the easiest way to buy your pack.

  1. Download

  2. Sign in

  3. Get started

When you get to your destination.

The absolute easiest way to purchase the Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack is via the MyTelstra app using Wi-Fi.

  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi

  • Open the app and select the service you want to add the pack to

  • Tap Recharge

  • Select credit card/PayPal or voucher

  • Select Extras - international roaming packs are not a main recharge

  • Select the international roaming pack that best suits you

  • Enter your card / voucher details then click to confirm and pay

If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi, switch Wi-Fi off and your phone will connect to an overseas mobile network. Then follow the steps above to purchase using the MyTelstra app.

  • Switch off Wi-Fi and your phone will connect to an overseas mobile network.

  • Go to

  • Select credit card, PayPal or voucher.

  • Select Extras - international roaming packs are not a main recharge. 

  • Select the international roaming pack that best suits you.

  • Enter your card details / 12-digit voucher number and click to confirm and pay.

For your security, the website will not work overseas when you are connected to Wi-Fi or using a laptop/tablet/any device that is not your mobile phone.

  • Dial +61 439 12 5109 and an agent will help you apply the pack to your phone (via voucher only, no credit card payments accepted)

Your international roaming will start working immediately.

Need more data?

If you need more data, just purchase another pack through the My Telstra app.

You can use multiple packs simultaneously. All packs will be activated immediately and you will use inclusions from the pack with the earliest expiry first.

Tips to avoid using excessive data whilst travelling overseas.

1. Make use of Wi-Fi whenever possible.

2. Disable any unnecessary automatic app updates, background data usage and location services.

3. Switch data roaming off when not in use and toggle it on to make a call or access the internet.

Eligible destinations

  • Austria
  • Canada
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Fiji
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Nauru
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Republic of Korea
  • Samoa (Western)
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Tonga
  • Turkey
  • U.S.A.
  • United Kingdom
  • Vanuatu


If you’re travelling to one of the 35 destinations eligible  for Telstra Pre-Paid international roaming, you can purchase a Telstra Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack once you land at your destination.

Use the My Telstra app from your Telstra service to view the pack options and to purchase a pack that suits your travelling needs.

When you arrive in the destination, we’ll send you an SMS to confirm that you’re in an eligible international roaming destination, and with instructions on how to purchase your Telstra Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack.

Tip: If you have manually disabled international roaming in your device settings, make sure you enable international roaming.

Voice allowance:

·       Incoming and outgoing calls to eligible international roaming destinations and Australia

·       Retrieving messages from MessageBank

Messaging allowance:

Sending/receiving SMS ​

Data allowance:

Receiving MMS

Data and messaging allowance:

Sending MMS 

No. Your allowances will expire on the pack’s expiry date. 


No, auto recharge is not available. Once your pack reaches its expiry date, or you use up your data, voice and message allowances, simply buy another through the My Telstra app. 

International roaming in your device settings will be ON by default for Pre-Paid. So unless you have manually disabled it, you won’t need to enable international roaming. Once you buy your Telstra Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack it will work immediately without you doing anything else.

However if you have manually disabled international roaming in your device settings, you will need to manually enable it to use international roaming.

If your destination isn’t eligible for Pre-Paid International Roaming, you’ll need to connect to Wi-Fi or purchase a local carrier SIM card in order to use your phone overseas.

You won’t be charged any pay-as-you-go rates to use your phone overseas.  

If your new destination is included in the list of eligible destinations, you don’t have to do anything.  Your Telstra Pre-Paid International Roaming  Pack will remain activated and will continue to work in all eligible destinations.

If you need more data, call and message allowances, simply buy another Telstra Pre-Paid International Roaming Pack through the My Telstra app. 

You can keep track of your roaming usage with our self-help tools. Those tools are free to access in Australia and overseas.  

My Telstra app

  1. Download or open the My Telstra app
  2. Tap on the Services tab then find your service 
  3. Select your service to view your usage in more detail

  My Telstra in a browser

  1. Sign in to My Telstra using your Telstra ID
  2. On the homepage, find the mobile service in the Account overview section, and select the Manage link 
  3. Select the View International Roaming Usage link near the top of the page

Telstra My Plan Manager (mobile access only)

  1. Go to Telstra MyPlan Manager on the mobile device you want to check 
  2. View ‘usage’ at the top of the page

To call an Australian fixed line: 

 +61    Area code without the leading 0    Phone number 

 Example: To call Telstra on (02) 9242 0213 when you’re overseas from any country, you’d dial +61 2 9242 0213. 

 To call an Australian mobile: 

 +61    Mobile number without the leading 0 

 Example: To call Telstra on 0439 125 109 when you’re overseas from any country, you’d dial +61 439 125 109. 

To call another country: 

+    Country code    Phone number without the leading 0             

To call a local fixed line in the country you’re visiting: 

Local area code    Phone number     

Tip: Dialling the local number in international format will also work. 

To call a local mobile in the country you’re visiting: 

Mobile number 

Tip: Dial the number just as if you had a local mobile account. 

Yes, you can access MessageBank via the SMS Call Back function.

To access, text the letter ‘M’ to +61101 (101). This is a free SMS.

You will then receive a call from MessageBank  (call will come from +61 418 707 101) where you can listen to their voicemails .

Retrieving/listening to messages from Messagebank will be deducted from your pack’s call allowance.

It can take up to 10 minutes for your phone to connect to a mobile network overseas. If you still haven’t connected by then, make sure that you have international roaming activated. You can check this by connecting to Wi-Fi and logging in to My Telstra in app or in a browser.

If you’re still having trouble, contact us free of charge from your Telstra mobile.

If you’re connected to an overseas network but you still can’t make calls or send SMS, check whether: 

  • You have the right international dialling code for the number you’re calling 
  • Your service has been restricted due to non-payment or an overdue payment 
  • Your mobile plan is compatible with international roaming or a Pre-Paid plan 

If you’re able to make calls, that means your international roaming is activated. But if you can’t get onto the internet while overseas, you may have data roaming disabled on your device. To activate data roaming, follow the instructions on our mobile support page. 

For your security, the recharge will not work via Wi-Fi overseas, you need to use a mobile network on your phone - its free to recharge, so you won't use data doing this. Turn off Wi-Fi, and your phone will connect to a network in the country you are in.

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