We provide around 15,000 public payphones throughout Australia to meet the needs of people who are out and about. 

We have a universal service obligation to ensure that payphones are reasonably accessible to all people in Australia, no matter where they live or conduct business. We supply, install and maintain our payphones in Australia. We allow for public consultation on the location of payphones and try to resolve any complaints.

Here you'll find information on the public consultation process as well as how to make a complaint if you disagree with our final decision on a payphone location or removal.

View the Public Payphone Section in Our Customer Terms (PDF, 132kB)

Payphone register and locator

To find the location of a public payphone, use our Payphone locator search tool.

Payphone enquiries & applications

Find out how to apply to have a new payphone installed, have the location of an existing payphone changed, or have an existing payphone removed.

Reporting faults

Find out how to report a Telstra payphone that's damaged or not working. Also how to have a faulty Telstra Phonecard replaced.

Telstra Smart Payphone

Find out about our latest public payphone – the Telstra Smart Payphone – and its features.

TTY payphones

Our Teletypewriter (TTY) payphones enable people who are deaf or have a communication impairment to stay in touch when out and about.

Public consultation documents and notifications

We will consult with the general public where we're proposing to either install a new payphone or to remove an existing payphone.

Information regarding current proposals may be accessed by opening the documents attached below. Where no documents are attached under either of the proposal types, that means there are no current proposals.

Payphone removal proposal notifications

Payphone relocation proposal notifications

Payphone installations proposal notifications

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Public consultation documents

How to make a complaint about a payphone location or removal

The following process and timeframes will apply where Telstra has made a final decision about the proposed installation or removal of a payphone: 

If you disagree with Telstra's decision, you must lodge a complaint with Telstra about that decision within 20 working days from the date when Telstra provided its written notification of the final decision. 

We will provide an acknowledgement and a complaint reference number within 5 working days of receiving the complaint.

Telstra will provide a response, in writing, to the complaint within 20 working days of receiving the complaint.

If the complaint is in relation to a decision to remove a payphone, then it must relate to a decision where the removal would result in no other payphone remaining at that location.

If you are dissatisfied with Telstra's response to the complaint in relation to a final decision regarding a payphone removal proposal, you may lodge an objection with the ACMA within 10 working days from when Telstra provides its written response to that complaint.


Complaints may be made by:

Writing to:

Telstra Payphone Siting Manager
Locked Bag 4850, Melbourne Vic 3001



Phone during business hours:

Payphone enquiry line
1800 011 433, Option 2 (free call from fixed phones)

For information about making an enquiry or lodging a complaint in a language other than English, please visit our Multicultural services.