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Reporting faults

Reporting a payphone fault

To report a payphone that has a fault or needs attention, please contact the Payphone Fault Line on 180 22 44 (a free call from Telstra payphones). This service is available 24x7.

It will help if you can tell us:

  • the location of the payphone
  • the payphone phone number or the payphone cabinet ID
  • a description of the fault (issues with calling, no dial tone, buzzing noise, etc.)
  • details of any physical damage (broken handsets or glass, etc.)

If after calling you continue to have concerns, you can find out more about our complaint management processes.

Telstra Smart Payphone

Replacement of a Telstra Phonecard™

If you have a Telstra pre-paid Phonecard that is faulty you can apply for it to be replaced. Phonecards can be replaced as a result of:

  • a fault on a Phonecard
  • the faulty operation of a Telstra payphone.

Telstra Phonecard Replacement Form (PDF, 266kB)

Find out more about Telstra Phonecard

telstra phonecard