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Calling cardsfor every occasion.

We like to offer as many different ways to keep in touch as we can.
With our Phonecard calling card, you can call in Australia or overseas
and always know just how much you are spending.

8am-9pm AEDT Sales: 1800 676 442

Telstra Phonecard calling card

Home phone phone card

Telstra Phonecard is a pre-paid calling card that you can use to make local, national long distance, international or mobile calls from Telstra payphones.

Available in denominations of $5, $10 and $20.


Phonecards are sold nationally at retail outlets such as newsagents, convenience stores and chemists where the "Telstra Phonecard Sold Here" sign is displayed.

Need help with your Phonecard?

Get support anywhere within Australia.

Call 1800 676 638

Features and benefits

  • Ease of use in payphones – simply insert into a Telstra payphone and dial. No PIN or access number is required.
  • Pre-paid convenience – no need to carry coins to call from a Telstra payphone.
  • You can use Telstra Phonecard Australia-wide.
  • Phonecards are ideal for parents to give to children so they can always ring home.
  • Phonecards are handy to keep around in case you need to use a Telstra payphone.