Payphone enquiries and applications

How can I make a Payphone enquiry?

Enquiries concerning the installation, relocation or removal of Telstra payphones, including the process for public consultation on their location and the resolution of any complaints about their location, can be made by any person or community group using one of the four options below.


Enquire or apply online:

Call us

Call us on:

1800 011 433* (Option 2)
* A free call from most fixed phones

Email us

Send an email:

Write us

Letters can be sent to:

Telstra Payphone Siting Manager
Locked Bag 4850
Melbourne Vic 3001

Frequently Asked Questions

A new payphone site request must meet the requirements of an eligible payphone request, as outlined in the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation (Location of Payphones) Determination 2011. The request must include supporting evidence that you are an authorised person to make a request on behalf of:

  • five or more individuals who would be directly affected by the operation of a payphone at the particular location that is the subject of the request; or
  • 100 or more individuals who reside in the vicinity of the proposed new payphone site or otherwise have a demonstrated interest in the location of the payphone at the particular location that is the subject of the request; or
  • the local government body with responsibility for the particular location that is the subject of the request; or
  • an authority or institution of the State or Territory in which the particular location that is the subject of the request is located.

An eligible payphone request must contain:

  • the name of the person making the request
  • the name of the persons, local government body or authority or institution on whose behalf the request is made
  • details of means by which the person or persons, local government body or authority can be contacted
  • details of the site, or sites, at the particular location at which it is requested that a payphone or payphones be located; and
  • reasons why a payphone should be located at the particular location.

The site address of the payphone is mandatory plus the cabinet number if possible (found on the Call Notice).

We'll acknowledge in writing all enquiries within 5 working days and, once we've made a final decision regarding a new payphone site request, as soon as practicable we'll provide written notification of the final decision.

Where a request is made for a removal or relocation of a payphone and we have no business reason for the work, the requestor may be asked to fund part or the total cost of the work. Examples are where the site is impacted by alterations in the surrounding environment such as road widening or commercial development activity, or where a relocation or removal request is made which only benefits the requestor and not the whole community.