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TTY Payphones

Our Teletypewriter (TTY) payphones enable people who are deaf or have a communication impairment to stay in touch when out and about.

Around 150 Telstra payphones have now been modified to include a TTY facility. To find the addresses of TTY payphones visit our Payphone Locator and search for 'payphones with Teletypewriter (TTY)' under Phone Type.

Alternatively, you can contact the Disability Enquiry Hotline on:

  • 1800 068 424 (Voice)
  • 133 677 (TTY)
  • Email us

Siting of TTY Payphones

We continue to work with organisations representing deaf, hearing and speech impaired people to identify appropriate new locations for TTY payphones, and review existing locations to ensure that the placement of these payphones meet the requirements of the local community.

Find out more about Payphone enquiries and applications

Payphone locator
Payphone register

To find the location of a public payphone, use our Payphone locator search tool.