An Inside Look Into Life at Telstra

It’s the people at Telstra that make us who we are, and their experiences tell every part of our story.


Knowledge and tips to help you shape a big and successful career. 


Becoming a confident communicator in the workplace
Do you have a voice in the workplace? Alison O’Leary, Operations Lead, takes a deep dive into finding your voice in group settings and offers practical tips and insights into how leaders can assist.

Article 3 minute read


Bringing Learning And Development Opportunities To Life At Telstra
Part of the joy of learning comes from doing. Teaching strategy cannot be limited to lectures alone. There must be many avenues open for the individual to engage in other forms of learning such as participating in discussions, completing writing assignments, and experiential learning.

Article 4 minute read


We're committed to attracting the best talent to Telstra, and that means embracing individual differences, all abilities, and culturally and linguistically diverse employees.


We have a long history of helping customers through both the good and the bad times, and we’re sharing the awesome work our people are doing to help others in their community. 

What will your 'why' be?

Whether it’s rewarding career opportunities, an amazing work-life balance or being able to make a difference, you can discover why Telstra is a great place to work.