Female leadership in cyber security

Rachael Leighton, the Cyber Strategy Operational Lead in Telstra's Strategy and Influence Team, shares her inspiring journey into the world of cybersecurity.
Rachael Leighton · 23 June 2023 · 3 minute read

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RACHAEL: My name's Rachael Leighton and I'm the Cyber Strategy Operationalist on Lead in our Strategy and Influence Team.

RACHAEL: I've now been with Telstra Cyber Security Team for coming up two years, and I love every part of it.

RACHAEL: Transitioning into Cyber was fascinating, as someone without a tech background, I was surprised at the skills that I brought to the table and how well they matched the outcomes that we were looking to achieve.

RACHAEL: One of the biggest misconceptions about working in technology is that you have to be a geek.

RACHAEL: Absolutely not!

RACHAEL: Diversity of thought really brings together the most amazing solutions for our customers and our team members. Diversity and inclusion plays such an important role in how we build and develop tech solutions of the future. I think it's imperative for us to leverage the special powers that come from different parts of our community.

RACHAEL: If you are looking to get into tech but don't have a traditional tech background, my advice to you is to lean right into that. Women are really good at bringing a risk-based approach to the work that we do.

RACHAEL: Why don't you reach out to the team and find out a little bit more about how you could come and join Team Telstra?

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Rachael Leighton, the Cyber Strategy Operational Lead in Telstra's Strategy and Influence Team, shares her inspiring journey into the world of cybersecurity.

Without a technical background, Rachael was pleasantly surprised by the valuable skills she possessed and how well they aligned with the desired outcomes in her field.

She dispels the misconception that working in technology requires being a "geek," emphasizing that diversity of thought leads to remarkable solutions for customers and team members alike. Rachael highlights the pivotal role of diversity and inclusion in shaping future technological advancements.

She urges aspiring individuals, particularly women, to embrace their unique perspectives, emphasizing their expertise in risk-based approaches. For those interested in entering the tech industry, Rachael encourages reaching out to Team Telstra to explore the possibilities of joining their dynamic team.

This video serves as an empowering testament to the transformative power of diversity in the cybersecurity landscape.

Interested in a Cyber Security career with Telstra? Find out more here.

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