Balancing work with motherhood at Telstra

Balancing being a mother with work is a whole new experience. It’s certainly challenging as my daughter is always on my mind. However, thanks to Telstra’s flexibility and a very supportive manager, my transition back to work post-parental leave has been smooth.
Victoria Muscat · 16 December 2022 · 3 minute read

Most importantly, I can still make my family priority number one.

Flexibility is a huge Telstra perk

Telstra’s flexible approach to work was one of the things that really attracted me initially. Within our team, one of our values is ‘trust each other to deliver’ and everyone here embodies that. I’m trusted to manage my workload which can be a challenge now that I’m only working three days a week, but I’m getting good at managing my time effectively, and 

I never feel pressured or stressed by my team or manager. 

Being able to work from home makes a huge difference, especially when my child is unwell and I don’t want to be away from her all day.

The excellent parental leave policy at Telstra means you choose when you want to return to work. I took a year after I had my daughter, and four months of that was paid leave.

Exploring different interests

Flexibility at Telstra extends to the work itself as well. I’ve worked in Talent Acquisition for a lot of my time here, but I’ve been given opportunities to try out different roles – for example I took a secondment in the Restructures team for a while.

I’ve also been qualifying as a Corporate Health and Wellness coach. My manager has been very supportive of my professional goals and has allowed me to explore this avenue, utilise my corporate wellness skills and create a mini project within the team, which I’m very excited about.

My trial corporate wellness program will incorporate different initiatives to help maintain motivation and strong team bonds now we are working hybrid. It’s so important to continue to check in with employees whether they are in the office or not,  so we can stay connected with each other, motivated, well and happy at work.

Support makes all the difference

I recognise that I’ve been fortunate to be with a company like Telstra, which makes the balancing act achievable. If I have any advice for others hoping to do the same, it’s to look for an employer that is supportive and has flexible working policies. For me, those are the keys to making it work.

I would also advise being very open with your manager about how you are doing with your balancing act. They can only give you all the support you need if they’re fully aware of what that is.

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By Victoria Muscat

TA Recruitment Specialist (AUS)

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