We’re always better together at Telstra

Success is an inside job, first and foremost. I really believe that. Get your culture right and it flows from there.
Adam Sparnon · 11 October 2022 · 7 minute read

There’s no better example of this than Telstra. We thrive on great leadership and a values-led culture that prioritises the health, wellbeing and development of our people. We treat each other with kindness and trust. We recognise contributions with rewards and programs, and embrace failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

Most of all, we empower our people to bring their whole selves to work. Telstra’s culture tells us that it’s okay to be exactly who we are, and the positive impact of that extends far beyond our internal employees. It’s a ripple effect that impacts our customers, loved ones and communities.

Awesome leadership

I can think of so many examples where our leadership team have helped drive our amazing culture. From the empathy demonstrated throughout our T22 transformation strategy, through to continued support for diversity and inclusion initiatives, the support from the top down really shapes this company. We’ve also now raised our rating in the Australian Workplace Equality Index from bronze to silver.

I'm currently a member of our LGBTQ+ Employee Representative Group, Spectrum, and see first-hand the contribution our executives make. 

They host panel events and champion policy changes, often enabling us to be the change by bringing in inclusive initiatives such as paid Gender Affirmation Leave.

Paying it forward

We’re also encouraged to keep developing. When I wanted to do an external coaching qualification, I was given paid study leave and flexible working hours. This not only enabled me to maintain a healthy work-life balance, but also empowered me to give back through transformational coaching, mentoring, workshops and public speaking. I recently delivered a speech at Telstra’s ‘Unconference’, sharing some of my key learnings through a model I’d created, to help my colleagues realise their version of success.

My direct manager also supports my pursuit of various 'passion projects' I undertake to develop our team culture, drive our strategic objectives and pursue my personal development goals.

I just led a project in which we did deep dives on pain points, root causes, and opportunities for improvement in our employee experience, using human-centred design techniques. Throughout this process, we were all encouraged to share our thoughts in a safe space, without judgement, for the benefit of all. This gave me an opportunity to both flex my leadership skills and give something of value back to the team.

Being better together

I particularly love our support of the Midsumma Festival, Australia's premier LGBTQ+ arts and cultural festival held in Melbourne. In the past we've not only sponsored the festival, but also volunteered our time there to provide services from charging phones to answering account queries. We’re also a sponsor of the QUEER exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and are currently supporting Brisbane Pride Fair Day with a stall and volunteers on the ground.

Ultimately, we don't just serve the community – we're a part of it. We truly value people. Our culture is so important to us at Telstra because being people-led and living true to our values is how we lead the change to a brighter connected future for all of us. We really are ‘better together’ at Telstra. It’s not just a tagline.

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By Adam Sparnon

Content Specialist

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