Nailing the virtual graduate application process at Telstra

We've had to make quite a few changes to our recruitment processes at Telstra recently as we move to a more virtual application and onboarding experience for our grads.
Evelyn Crowe · 22 March 2021 · 4 minute read

It’s not all change, though. The fundamental attributes we look for in our graduates remain the same.

Candidates still need to do their research and be prepared. They still need to be their authentic selves and apply for jobs that are right for them, so we can help them develop and thrive with us.

It’s important you stand out and make a good impression throughout the online application process as this can help you to get your foot in the door and kickstart what we hope will be a very successful career here at Telstra.

Here’s a bit of advice on how you can do just that.

What we’re looking for in our grads

Here at Telstra, we recruit for a mix of technical and corporate pathways as part of our graduate programs. Above all, we look for the right attitude, skill set and cultural fit, rather than any specific experience. We look for people who have a passion for technology and customer service because that’s the core of our business.

So, what makes a good cultural fit for us? Innovative individuals with a growth mindset, a willingness to learn, resilience and adaptability.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that change is constant, and we need to adapt and be resilient. Our grads this year, for example, were asked to work in our contact centre teams as part of their rotation, and we could see how much they took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about our customers. These are the types of people we’re looking for.

How we’re recruiting differently this year

The biggest change when it comes to recruitment has been moving our final stage in the interview process to a virtual setting. Typically, once candidates completed an online application, assessment and video, they would come in for a face to face meeting with other graduates and hiring managers. We’ve now moved all of that online as well.

We’ve set up an online grad ambassador meet and greet, so candidates still have the chance to meet current grads and learn about grad life at Telstra and the projects our people are working on.

Our recruitment team is also on hand to provide interview advice and tips, as for some applicants, this is their first ever job interview. You can learn more about our application process here.

How to make a great impression on us

Preparation is absolutely key. Ensure you’re going for roles you are genuinely interested in and that your values align with our organisation. It’s important that we’re the right fit for you, and that you’re the right fit for us.

Research the projects we’re working on, think about what excites you about the role and make sure you understand what your strengths are. This authenticity will come through when we meet you.

Here are a few other tips on how you can successfully navigate our virtual application process.

Before the video interview

  • Familiarise yourself with our CARE methodology (Context, Action, Result and Evidence) and do practice assessments online. You can learn more about this here.
  • Test your technology prior to the interview to make sure it all works properly. Also check to make sure your internet connection is solid.
  • Be on time for your video interview and submit any assessments by the given deadline.
  • Dress appropriately, just as you would for an in-person interview.
  • Have good lighting and keep your background as professional as possible.

During the video interview

  • Remember small gestures like a digital wave and some small talk at the beginning can go a long way.
  • Communicate your values and why you want to work for us. Tell us what motivates you.
  • Be clear, concise and demonstrate your enthusiasm.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and bring your whole self to the recruitment process. Positivity and enthusiasm really come across in video interviews – let us see who you are!

Head to our website to learn about Telstra Graduate Program.

By Evelyn Crowe

Recruitment Team Manager

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