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Our team has put together the most frequently asked questions to help you understand more about Track and MonitorTM.
Last updated: 24th September, 2021

Frequently asked questions

Telstra Track and Monitor is an IoT solution that can give you automated, mapped visibility of the last known approximate location of your moving assets at scale. Leveraging new Telstra innovations, data on your assets’ last known approximate location is collected by IoT devices and sent via cost efficient network technologies to be displayed on a simple, intuitive portal.

When you view your devices’ last known approximate location via the Track and Monitor web portal, or retrieve via API, you will be able to see the location accuracy.

The Telstra Track and Monitor portal is secured for your organisation using Telstra Connect. When logging on directly to you will be redirected to to logon with your Telstra identity. On successful logon you will be returned to the Telstra Track and Monitor Portal.

Each organisation has one or more representatives who are authorised to grant access to Telstra services via Telstra Connect. If you are unable to locate the authorised representatives for your organisation through your organisations support channels, please reach out to your sales representative for assistance.

Enterprise API’s are published for use via Telstra.Dev. Details on each API is available at

Log onto the Track and Monitor Web Portal or Mobile App. Search for the tracking unit or tag using the serial number on the device or box. If it has never communicated its location, the record will be retrieved as ‘inactive state’ showing no location detail or battery detail has been received.

If your device is showing as inactive:

  1. Turn on the device again.
  2. Ensure the device is in proximity to a Telstra Bluetooth Community member. We recommend this is the Track and Monitor App and the mobile and app are active. Wait 5 minutes.
  3. Search for the tracking unit or tag again on the Track and Monitor Web Portal or Mobile App.
  4. If it shows as inactive, Contact Telstra support on 1800 325 220.

Please refer to the Help screen on your web portal for detailed FAQ and support details.

Getting started

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