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Frequently asked questions for adaptive mobility

Unleash new ways of working, powerful collaboration, and innovative business models. With Adaptive Mobility choose from Mobile, Mobile Broadband and Enterprise Wireless flexible month-to-month plans with data sharing, along with managed service and security options. You’ll have all the benefits of high-speed, low-latency 5G on Australia’s best and largest 5G network.

Adaptive Mobility Add-Ons are a selection of optional features, calling offers and managed services that enable you to create the best solution for your users.

All Adaptive Mobility plans are 5G Compatible and capable of utilising the Telstra 5G Mobile network. Connection to 5G is also dependant on additional factors such as handset capabilities, coverage and network congestion.

Adaptive Mobility services need to be activated onto a new billing account.

There is no minimum commitment required for Adaptive Mobility. All plans are available on a month-to-month casual subscription basis, and you can add or cancel services at any time.

International Roaming is activated by default on all plans. However, Account Administrators can restrict individual users from being able to access International Roaming by simply barring this feature.

Yes, you can port a number across to Telstra to subscribe to Adaptive Mobility plans.

  • Each Adaptive Mobility Mobile and Mobile Broadband user's included plan data contributes to the account level Adaptive Shared Data Pool and is available for use by other Mobile or Mobile Broadband users on the same billing account.
  • Each Enterprise Wireless service’s included plan data contributes to the account level Enterprise Wireless Shared Data Pool and is available for use by other Enterprise Wireless services on the same billing account. 

We do not charge you excess data fees for any usage within Australia. 

  • Mobile and Mobile Broadband Plans: When the total Adaptive Shared Data Pool has been used, data speeds on all mobile and mobile broadband services will be capped at 1.5 Mbps for the remainder of the billing period. This speed is suitable for basic web browsing, audio streaming, VOIP audio calls. It is not suitable for HD video or high-speed applications. 
  • Enterprise Wireless Plans: An Auto Data Top-Up must be selected. When the total Enterprise Wireless Shared Data Pool has been used, your nominated Auto Data Top-Up will be automatically applied. These top-ups will not be charged for until used and expire at the end of each billing period.

If the Mobile and Mobile Broadband users on your account have used up the total Adaptive Shared Data Pool, you can remove the speed cap by simply moving one or more of your Mobile or Mobile Broadband users to a higher plan tier. This will automatically top up your Adaptive Shared Data Pool with more included data and will also automatically disengage any speed cap until the new total data pool has also been exhausted.

The account administrator will receive SMS or email alerts when usage reaches 50%, 85% and 100% of the available data pool.

Customers must choose an Auto Data Top-Up for the account’s Enterprise Wireless Shared Data Pool. These top-ups automatically add a block of data when the applicable data allowance has been exhausted. They will not be charged for until used and expire at the end of each billing period.

If you have used up the additional data provided from your Enterprise Wireless Auto Data Top-up, then another Auto Data Top-up of the same denomination will be automatically activated and billed.

Unused Enterprise Wireless Auto Data Top-ups expire at the end of each billing period and unused data will be forfeited.

For each eligible Adaptive Mobility plan subscription, we’ll automatically bank 10% of the net monthly subscription fee into your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund for each month that your service remains active. You can then use these funds to help offset the cost of any eligible hardware purchases that you make.

The 10% net contribution banked to your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund will be calculated based on the plan value that is active at end of the billing period and not on the plan that was active earlier in the billing period.

Yes, if they have been certified as compatible with the Telstra Mobile Network.

We provide three different options for purchasing new handsets. You can either:

  • purchase them outright, or
  • via monthly repayments (12 or 24 months); or
  • you can decide to lease handsets.

Find out more about device leasing here.

You must have a corresponding number of active Adaptive Mobility mobile plans on your account for the number of handsets you are purchasing. For example: if you have 20 active mobile plans on your account you can purchase 20 different handsets.

Yes, handsets can be purchased at any time. They do not need to align with the same date that you commenced your plan subscription.

Adaptive Mobility plans have a high degree of flexibility. You can change plan tiers once per month (up or down). If you change your plan, then you’ll immediately be moved to the new plan.

Plan changes will take effect immediately and your monthly data allowance and other inclusions will also be adjusted accordingly.

It is recommended that customers use their SIM cards with a device that matches its corresponding service i.e. A SIM card associated with a Mobile Plan should be used with a mobile device that supports voice calling. If a SIM card is used with a device that does not match its associated plan type, certain features and functionality may not be supported.

Speed refers to how fast your mobile data connection is. It’s measured in Mbps (megabits per second) – the higher the Mbps, the faster the speed of your data connection on your device. In practice this impacts how quickly you can send and receive information, like loading webpages, streaming videos, downloading or uploading files or making video calls.

No. There are several different factors that can impact your data speeds such as handset capabilities, coverage, network congestion and whether you have used up your monthly included data allowance.

The following table shows the minimum recommended download speed for different activities. Remember that the actual speeds will vary depending on many factors such as handset capabilities, coverage, network congestion and whether included monthly data allowances have been exhausted.

Activity Recommended speed Source
Browsing the internet, messages and emails
General web browsing requires no more than 1Mbps
Video calling & conferencing Microsoft Teams recommends 1Mbps for HD group video calling Source
Video calling & conferencing Cisco WebEx recommends 2.5Mbps for HD video Source
Sending and receiving images, audio and video files A 10MB file at 10Mbps would take approximately 8 seconds to load Source
HD video streaming Netflix recommends 5Mbps for HD quality Source
HD video streaming YouTube recommends 5Mbps for HD quality. Source

You can cancel your plan at any time without incurring a cancellation fee. You will however be required to pay any outstanding handset or accessory repayments owing.

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