How do I claim my All-4-Biz and Telstra Enterprise Fund (TEF) loyalty bonus?

All you need to do is scan your receipts and attach them to this new easy to use online form.

Follow these steps

Spend your Loyalty Bonus on approved Telstra products and services: see eligible products list

  • Go to the redemption claim back form  
  • Enter your email address and All-4-Biz or Telstra Enterprise Fund (TEF) account number
  • Enter your purchase details
  • Enter the dollar amount of the purchase including GST

  • Scan your receipts and signed form
  • Submit form

Receive completion or rejection advice via email

A Few Details


  • Don't have a scanner? Take a digital photo image of your receipts

Loyalty Bonus

  • The Loyalty Bonus can be spent at any time during the term of the plan
  • Spend it on buying new telecommunications equipment such as handsets, office phone systems, mobiles, modems and broadband devices
  • Put it towards service costs, such as set-up and installation fees when you add or move services

Redemption approved

Redemption of your Loyalty Bonus will be notified to you by email to advise whether the redemption has been approved or rejected:

  • Receipt is not for a valid product or service (see your contract for details)
  • Product or service has already been processed
  • Loyalty Fund has been fully redeemed against already