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Frequently asked questions for Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra

Microsoft Operator Connect, part of the Adaptive Collaboration suite, will deliver a cloud-based hosted telephony service from Microsoft Teams. It brings together Microsoft’s leading productivity app’s and Telstra's leading voice and networks and services.

Microsoft Operator Connect is part of Telstra’s new Adaptive Collaboration solution and needs to be activated on a new billing account.

There is no minimum commitment required for Microsoft Operator Connect from Telstra. The calling plans are available on a month-to-month basis, and you can add or cancel services at any time. Please note that we will charge you for the highest number of lines activated on your Subscription during that month for the whole month.

International Calling is not included in the calling plan price and will be charged separately. Teams Administrators can prevent users from making international calls from within the Microsoft Teams Administration Centre

To reward your loyalty, for each eligible Adaptive Collaboration service that you activate, we’ll automatically bank 5% of the net monthly subscription fee and call charges into your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund for every month that your service remains active. You can use these funds for eligible on-time-charge hardware purchases.

To review your fund level and expiry dates, please login to your account via T-Connect.

The 5% net contribution banked to your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund will be calculated based on the plan value that is active at end of the bill period and not on the plan that was active earlier in the bill period.

Although Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Teams certified devices, Microsoft also supports a SIP gateway solution that can support a range of standard SIP capable device types for use with Teams and Operator Connect. Refer to the Microsoft website for an overview of Certified devices that can be used.

If you have funds available in your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund you can use them to help fund the cost of purchasing new one-time-charge handsets and headsets. Currently there are no Teams compatible handsets available for purchase.

Handsets and accessories can be purchased at any time. Please contact your Telstra Account Representative.

Yes, Microsoft Operator Connect is network agnostic and will work as long as there’s an internet connection with enough capacity for your incoming and outgoing calls. We can advise you of your capacity needs with a network assessment.

To satisfy the number of simultaneous calls you require you may choose to dedicate a calling line to each individual user (Individual Lines) or share lines across multiple users (Shared Lines). If you choose to share lines across multiple users, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough shared line capacity to meet your needs.

It is recommended to use Microsoft guidelines for internet access to service Teams users including their PSTN calling needs. Telstra can assist you in determining your access needs through the engagement of a Network Assessment sold separately.

Adaptive Collaboration suite of products has a high degree of flexibility. You can add and remove calling lines at any time during your monthly billing period. Please note that we will charge you for the highest number of lines activated on your Subscription during that month for the whole month.

For example: If you start the month with 50 Individual lines, then add 10 individual lines and later remove 25 individual lines all in the same month, we will charge you for 60 individual lines for that month. The baseline for the next month is 35 individual lines.

You can cancel your Microsoft Operator Connect plan at any time without incurring a cancellation fee.

Additional numbers need to be ordered via your Sales Representative or Telstra Connect. Once the numbers are available in the Adaptive Collaboration self-management portal, they can be easily transferred to Microsoft Teams within minutes ready for use. The Microsoft Teams Admin Centre can then be used to perform tasks such as assigning numbers to new users, changing IVR settings or setting up hunt groups.

No. Unfortunately, Liberate is not yet compatible with the Microsoft Operator Connect.

You must have pre-requisite Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license subscriptions for each of your users in order to Microsoft Operator Connect to be utilised. You can find the pre-requisites on the Microsoft website.

Telstra has the pre-requisite licenses available for purchase from the Telstra Apps Marketplace. You can purchase licenses from another Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

Customers under a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) can continue with their pre-requisite licences provided from Microsoft directly.

To transfer licenses from another CSP to Telstra, submit a  Adding Telstra as your Cloud Solution Provider form.


No, Telstra does not need to be your Cloud Solutions Provider. In the Adaptive Collaboration management portal you simply upload your numbers in your tenancy.

Yes, your Microsoft 365 tenancy can be outside of Australia. To be eligible for Operator Connect from Telstra you must be a Telstra Enterprise customer with a registered business address within Australia.

Microsoft Operator connect is currently only available in Australia to Australian businesses. Customers must have an ACN/ABN to qualify and must be a Telstra Enterprise customer. It is possible to use the service temporarily while overseas, but Telstra can only support the use under a ‘best efforts’ bases. Telstra Global can assist with providing Operator Connect to businesses located outside of Australia.

Please submit a Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra enquiry form.

We will be in touch with you shortly.

Eligible customers are Telstra Enterprise and National Business customers. Please note that if you are a small business customer, you may not qualify or be eligible for Microsoft Operator Connect.

The calling capabilities of the end users who utilise the Microsoft Operator Connect service is dependent on Microsoft Teams capabilities. Microsoft Teams supports call barring to international destinations (IDD). Refer to the Microsoft TechNet website for details.

The calling capabilities of end users who utilise the Microsoft Operator Connect service is dependent on Microsoft Teams feature capabilities. Premium numbers such as 19xx numbers, 1234, 12456, 13 and 1300 numbers can be barred using special dial plan configuration in Teams. Telstra can provide help in setting up this type of call barring if needed via a Service Deployment package sold separately.

Through our service discovery, we will assess and validate the eligibility of your existing numbers. Once validated, Telstra can transition your number into the Adaptive Collaboration management portal, from where you can upload the numbers in the Microsoft Teams admin centre.

Migration is a service experience for several popular Telstra services built into the Adaptive Collaboration management portal. Telstra recommends the use of a Professional Services engagement to ensure cur-over from legacy services to Operator Connect goes smoothly according to your business needs and time frames

Telstra provides a service desk as part of the Microsoft Operator Connect service. The service desk contact details will be sent to you when the service is fully commissioned in our systems.

The service desk is a single point of contact for the triage and diagnostics of all elements of the service. The service desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with limited support after hours for incident reporting.

Help and support

We’re here to help for any questions about your Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra offer, technical support, service or connection. You can reach us by visiting the contact us page, through Telstra Connect, or call us on 1800 370 430.

Assurance and fault calls are answered 24 hours / 7 days, all other calls are answered Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm in your local time zone (except national public holidays).​