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A simple, flexible all-in-one cloud calling and collaboration solution that adapts with your business.

Adaptive Collaboration services need to be activated on a new billing account.

There is no minimum commitment required for Adaptive Collaboration. All lines, calling and group features are available on a month to month casual subscription basis and you can add or cancel services at any time.

International calling is deactivated by default on all services; however, Account Administrators can change this via the Online Management Portal  either for individual users or via group settings.

Not at this time, you can only transfer eligible existing Telstra PSTN and ISDN services to Adaptive Collaboration. 

To reward your loyalty, for each eligible Adaptive Collaboration service that you activate, we’ll automatically bank 5% of the net monthly subscription fee and call charges into your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund for every month that your service remains active. You can then use these funds to help offset the cost of any eligible hardware purchases.

To review your fund level and expiry dates, please login to your account via T-Connect.

The 5% net contribution banked to your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund will be calculated based on the plan value that is active at end of the bill period and not on the plan that was active earlier in the bill period.

Yes, though adding these devices will be your responsibility and will require manual configuration. You can find a list of the certified devices within the Device Guide.

We provide two different options for purchasing new handsets. You can either:

  • purchase them outright,
  • or via monthly repayments (24 months); 

If you have funds available in your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund you can use them to help fund the cost of purchasing new handsets.

Yes, handsets and accessories can be purchased at any time. They do not need to align with the same date that you commenced your subscription, please contact your Telstra Account Representative.

Yes, it is network agnostic and will work as long as there’s an internet connection and has the capacity for ~100kb per line for incoming and outgoing calls.  

If your broadband service cannot implement QoS, we recommend installing it on a dedicated line.

To satisfy the number of simultaneous calls you require you may choose to dedicate each line to an individual user (Individual Lines) or share lines across multiple users (Shared Lines). If you choose to share lines across multiple users, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough capacity to meet your needs.

It is recommended where possible to use an internet access service with a minimum of 100Kbps uncontended bandwidth per voice line in each direction and to configure your network to prioritise voice traffic.

Capacity for concurrent calls at a site using the Adaptive Collaboration service is limited to the available bandwidth at that site.

Adaptive Collaboration has a high degree of flexibility. You can now add and remove certain features during your monthly billing period, this include increasing or decreasing the number of lines you need, but we will charge you for the highest number of each feature activated on your Subscription during that month for the whole month.

For example: If you start the month with 50 Individual lines, add 10 individual lines and remove 25 individual lines in the same month, we will charge for 60 individual lines for that month. The baseline for the following month is 35 individual lines.

You can cancel your plan at any time without incurring a cancellation fee. You will however be required to pay any outstanding handset repayments owing.

Whether you’re adding new users, changing IVR settings or setting up hunt groups, these changes take effect within minutes

No. Unfortunately, Liberate is not yet compatible with the Adaptive Collaboration.

  • Auto Attendant - Greet inbound callers with a pre-recorded welcome message and route calls based on caller touchphone input.
  • Call Centre (Basic) – A scalable ‘virtual call centre’ solution for you to quickly set up simple call centre services.
  • Hunt Group - Direct incoming calls to a group of fixed numbers on your Adaptive Collaboration service.
  • Music on Hold - Allows the selection of an audio source that can be broadcast to callers on hold.
  • Virtual Business Number - Direct calls from a main number to any number within your business; whether an employee’s voice mail, a virtual receptionist or even to forward to a group of employees,
  • Webex Softphone – a simple to use dial pad app for desktop and mobile users.

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