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Many businesses are reviewing and implementing their business resilience and continuity plans in response to COVID-19. With teams including our own, moving to large scale remote working, we are committed to helping your business do the same.

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Reviewing your plan for COVID-19

While your business continuity plan is probably robust, unexpected events such as COVID-19, can cause impacts throughout your business ecosystem. Having a flexible IT environment enables your business to respond and adapt operations as required. A flexible IT environment allows your workforce to move outside of the organisation’s physical location at scale and means there is enough connectivity to core systems to support the increased demand for secure remote access.

Strategies that underpin a reliable adaptive infrastructure focus on:

Enabling staff with appropriate and reliable remote working solutions,

Resilient network and access systems with an awareness of any critical points that exist

Device management practices that enable people to work across their preferred device mix

Deploying tools and training so staff can continue to communicate with each other and customers

Remote connectivity performance across concurrent and overall data usage

Flexibility and scalability of IT infrastructure as needs change over time

Simple authentication and authorisation of a remote workforce

We’ll help your business adapt

If your business is unsure where to start or needs help strategising your business continuity plan and bringing it to life Telstra Purple has the experience, capacity and tools to enable you to solve the challenges you face.

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Services and solutions to mobilise your workforce today

Setting up your workforce for mobility is a critical priority. Enable them to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other, their partners, and your customers from the office, home or on the go, through our Mobility solutions.

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Modular mobile plans, features and service options

Adaptive Mobility

A simple, flexible and modular mobility solution for Enterprise that adapts to your business.

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Bring together chat, meetings, calling, and Office 365, all-in-one

Microsoft Teams

Sign up today through the Telstra Apps Marketplace for a free, 6-month trial of Microsoft Teams.

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Bandwidth upgrades

Upgrade bandwidth to reduce business downtime

Telstra Internet Direct

As part of our commitment to our customers and connecting them - and their people and customers - to what matters most, we’ve removed our Telstra Internet Direct (TID) upgrade fees.

90-day free trial

A single integrated cloud platform to make virtual meetings easier

Cisco WebEx

Bring together dispersed, mobile, and time-poor staff with complete, modern collaboration tools, powered by leading Cisco technology.

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Stream videos, download files quickly and continue to work effectively

Business demand data

Enables your team to stay connected and productive even when mobile data traffic surges impact network performance.

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Simple call routing for all staff


Liberate delivers an office-like experience on the go. Combining the best of desk phone and mobile, it optimises your existing tools with more functionality and features, and helps boost productivity.

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Deliver automated notifications and reduce service desk support calls


Create and send out compelling, timely and actionable communications with a complete, scalable solution that adapts to your needs.

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Learn more about working flexibly and remotely

Technology solutions for working flexibly

The combination of stronger networks and a wide array of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) tools make it possible for us to work from more locations than ever before. Here’s our quick guide to working flexibly, powered by the right technology.

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Reap the benefits, not the risks

Mobility can provide a clear competitive advantage for your business - but to realise this, you need to develop a plan that details the risks, rewards, and practical steps required to implement remote access.

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Put your office in your pocket

Embracing mobile technology for your business and workforce entails a lot of questions, primarily: “Where do I start?” Learn more about untethering your business from the desk in this guide to mobile business strategy.

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Managing personal devices in the workplace

BYOD can help make your people more productive at work, but managing these devices is a different story. Here are some guidelines to develop BYOD policies that maximise the benefits and reduce risk for your organisation.

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How to stay productive when mobile

Working out of the office can present challenges for the modern workforce, but efficiency doesn’t have to dip when you’re on the go. Here are five ways to stay productive, even on the road.

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Telstra’s guide to working remotely on Telstra IP Telephony

Are you a Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) customer and need your staff to be able to work remotely? Here’s a quick guide to support your remote workforce.

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How to improve your in-home Wi-Fi

With a bit of knowledge, you can ensure your in-home Wi-Fi is capable of delivering the full potential of your nbn connection to the rest of your home.

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