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Get tech savvy

Technology can connect you to loved ones, introduce you to new experiences and make doing basic tasks just plain easier.

Often all you need is a pointer in the right direction to get the most from the internet and your devices.

That's just what we've done with our online Everyone Connected Program. It offers easy to follow self-help videos, worksheets and other training materials.

We cover topics such as mobile phones and tablets, social networking, email, online shopping and more so you can use technology every day with confidence.

As part of Everyone Connected, we also have a face to face Tech Savvy Seniors program (on which we partner with the NSW, QLD and Victorian Governments). The training is delivered through an extensive network of libraries and community colleges.

Training happens at a relaxed pace so you can fully absorb new skills and techniques that help you to master smartphones, tablets, computers and more.

B.T. Samuels

“The Tech Savvy Seniors basic internet training was great and really helps me in everyday life. As a pensioner, it’s useful that I can now keep up to date with important government services. The training has also made a difference in my confidence, and I’m slowly getting better at doing things myself online. The Tech Savvy Seniors course is not only educational, it’s a fun way to spend time and keep in touch with others.”

B.T. Samuels. NSW Tech Savvy Seniors training participant.